Tailored to the needs of a flexible and ever changing workplace


The Institute for Management Studies (IMS) offers programs in 15 different cities in the US and Canada. This allows IMS to tailor programs to meet the regional needs of IMS members. Unlike many of the 'cookie-cutter' programs IMS carefully plans its monthly programs in concert with the members in each region - no two regions are alike. It also reduces travel expenses and time away from work for attendees.
Tailored to local needs


IMS has created a blended learning delivery system we call Leveraged Learning or L2. The idea behind Leveraged Learning is to extend learning beyond the one-day program. For 30 days after the IMS program Leveraged Learning reinforces and supports the learning with additional material and tools for participants. A threaded discussion function lets you ask questions of IMS experts and other participants. Through our partnership with AthenaOnline participants also get access to Athena's library of over 2,700 microlearning video lessons with experts like Marshall Goldsmith, Beverly Kaye, David Ulrich and 150 other business thought-leaders.
Blended Learning


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The Institute for Management Studies member list includes over 200 leading global organizations and government agencies. For a low yearly fee they receive all IMS membership benefits and their employees may register to attend day-long programs in any IMS region. If you would like to join the list of organizations who have come to rely on IMS to help develop their employees please contact us.
We are a true advocate for IMS and their programs for ongoing leadership development. We align the sessions to our company initiatives and consistently receive strong feedback from our leaders who bring back tools and best practices for themselves or their teams that can be used immediately. They really enjoy the interaction and engagement from the IMS thought-leaders. It is a wonderful partnership!
Cherie Ayala
Sr. Human Resources Manager


The Executive Sounding Board allows senior policy-making executives to draw upon a wide variety of outside business experts for advice on strategic issues. Each advisor chosen for the Sounding Board is a world-class expert in their respective fields. They have conducted extensive research, are a published author, is highly respected by professional colleagues, and each has considerable experience working with major organizations on solving difficult problems. The advisors are easy to speak with and will treat your inquiries with complete confidentiality. Best of all, each is only a telephone call or email away.* Typical situations might be: "What if I...?" "Is anyone doing...?" "How have others...?" Some organizations pay tens of thousands of dollars each year for such a service, but it is free to all senior executives of IMS member organizations.


IMS wants to make sure our members are always up to date on the most current research and writing. That's why we choose recent books from the IMS experts that we feel have made a significant impact in business strategy, human resources or employee performance and send them to you throughout the year. You can add the books to your business library or share them with senior executives inside of your organization. No matter how you use them, the books are free to all IMS members to enjoy.
Book of the Month


Our unique seminar notification program (or SNAP) is a customizable way for you to let employees know of upcoming programs in your area, or any area that IMS offers seminars. SNAP's are white-labeled for your organization and can include custom messaging. You can have them sent to you for redistribution or have the SNAP system handle email for you. SNAP will track attendance and billing so you always know how the IMS programs are being used by your employees.
Seminar Notification - SNAP delivery


The Institute for Management Studies is proud to provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for our regional programs. CPE is required for CPA's to maintain their professional competence. Your organization may also use CPE credits for your professional development. Contact us for more details on the issuance of credits for the IMS programs.
National Registry of CPE Sponsors
* The services of the IMS Sounding Board do not extend to on-site consultations, but are limited to telephone discussions or email.
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