Bringing the brightest minds in management to its members.


In 1974 The Institute for Management Studies ran its very first member-program with Peter F. Drucker. Since that time IMS has remained resolute in its mission to bring some of the brightest minds in management to its members. Over its history IMS has presented some of the first programs with leading-edge thought-leaders and best-selling business authors like Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Beverly Kaye, Marshall Goldsmith, David Allen, C.K. Prahalad, Linda Hill, Jim Kouzes, Edward de Bono, David Ulrich, William Ury, and many, many other great leadership minds.
Over 45 years IMS has continued in that tradition, working with our members and outside experts to identify and nourish innovative thinkers from academia, research and consulting. IMS has amassed a database of over 400,000 participant evaluations over that time, allowing us to research, review and bring some of the best and brightest minds in business to our members.


We'll be honest, not everyone can make it as an IMS speaker. It takes more than just writing a best-selling book, or being a good, professional speaker to remain an IMS presenter. Our IMS members are demanding and few experts have the ability to make it for the long-term. IMS experts have made a contribution to their field; they have to have implemented their ideas in organizations; they must be able to teach these skills to others; and, they have to be able to engage learners. If they cannot satisfy these four requirements they are not invited back for another year. Becoming an IMS presenter is a badge of honor of sorts. Winning the IMS lifetime achievement award is even more so, and it has only been given to a handful of presenters in IMS's 45-year history.
If you want to learn more about the IMS experts, or if you're interested in becoming one, please contact us.
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