Fast-paced overview of key topics that are critical to organizations in a time of disruptive change


These 60-minute live, virtual programs are free to all IMS members. Each provides a quick dive into key topics that are critical to organizations during a time of disruptive change. Packed with actionable learning strategies, participants will experience an interactive virtual program with an IMS thought leader and receive post-session support through microlearning lessons and a discussion board. A recording of each session is available to all registrants who are unable to attend on the day of the program.


Strategies For Leading Innovation

December 14, 2022 with Dr. Vijay Govindarajan
innovation, which deals with the problem of innovation faced by many organizations; how do you re-invent, while still meeting the performance requirements of the current business.
  • Execute the present core business at peak efficiency (box 1)
  • Avoid the inhibiting traps of past success (box 2)
  • Build a future day by day through breakthrough innovations (box 3)
Book by Dr. Vijay Govindarajan
Book by Dr. Vijay Govindarajan

A Minute To Think: Conquer Busyness, Reclaim Creativity, And Do Your Best Work

January 19, 2023 with Juliet Funt
Do you wish you could stop the mayhem of work and life for a brief moment and just take a minute? Does busyness deprive you of the oxygen your talents need to really catch fire? Many feel this way, but taking a pause has felt impossible—until now. In this engaging program Juliet Funt, author of A Minute To Think, will share strategies that will give you the permission, framework, and specific direction you need to regain control of your overloade...
Book by Juliet Funt

How to Become A Leader Everyone Admires

February 09, 2023 with Dr. Marilyn Gist
Leaders create the container for work that gets done. Most are highly committed and work diligently to achieve goals. Unfortunately, only 34% of employees are fully engaged and many leaders fail to get the results and appreciation they should.
Book by Dr. Marilyn Gist

Creating Introvert-Friendly Workplaces:How To Unleash Everyone's Talent and Performance

March 09, 2023 with Dr. Jennifer Kahnweiler
As the diversity, equity, and inclusion wave widens and deepens its reach, introversion is now a natural part of that movement. Despite the fact that half the population identify as introverts, traditional workplace cultures are still geared toward rewarding extroverts, ultimately limiting their collective potential.
Book by Dr. Jennifer Kahnweiler
Book by Dr. Jennifer Kahnweiler

The 7 People All Leaders Need in Their Life

April 04, 2023 with Dr. Richard Osibanjo
An inconvenient truth about leadership is that you may be living in a bubble without realizing it. This isolation is not intentional- it is a byproduct of the demands of the job. With time being the scarcest resource, leaders rely on their inner circle to filter and prioritize business needs that require their attention. The leader's lens of the business is the cumulation of inputs received from advisors.
Book by Dr. Richard Osibanjo

Anxiety at Work: Strategies to help teams build resilience, handle uncertainty, and get stuff done

May 02, 2023 with Chester Elton
Even before the pandemic, anxiety was crippling the performance of workers-especially young employees. Today it is affecting productivity and leading to ghosting and burnout. In this program, based on his bestselling book, Anxiety at Work: 8 strategies to help teams build resilience, handle uncertainty, and get stuff done, Chester Elton offers 8 tactics for managers to help their employees build resilience.
Book by Chester Elton
Book by Chester Elton

The Success Factor: Developing the mindset and skillset of high achievers

June 01, 2023 with Dr. Ruth Gotian
Nobody wakes up in the morning aiming to be average. Many people want to be successful but don't know how to approach this path. They have the potential but need a plan. Based on research and in-person interviews with astronauts, Nobel laureates, CEOs, and Olympic champions, this presentation outlines the methodological approach that individuals aspiring to improve their performance can adopt to achieve success.
Book by Dr. Ruth Gotian

Digital YOU: How to Build A Real Personal Brand in the Virtual World

August 03, 2023 with William Arruda
Welcome to the hybrid world of work where in-person and remote work connect. This new world requires that you master personal branding in both real and virtual environments. The question: How do you deliver a consistent and compelling brand in both in-person and remote interactions with the people you seek to influence? The key is to get clear on the real you, then focus on translating your unique promise of value for remote connections. To...
Book by William Arruda
Book by William Arruda

Be The Leader That Creative (or Talented) People Need

November 21, 2023 with Todd Henry
When you make the transition from a frontline role to a leadership role, you need to make a major shift in how you think about work. Now you are no longer responsible for your own projects and career but also on how to equip and lead others. Even if you have built the "Ferrari" of teams! They're talented and driven and all the pieces seem to be in place. Still… you can't figure out why motivating and leading all of these talented people is such a...
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