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Authentic Leadership: Inspire Others by Communicating with Impact

March 25, 2020 with Dr. Todd Dewett
This workshop addresses professional success from a practical perspective. Building on scholarship and real world experience, Dr. Dewett uses funny and emotional stories to discuss how to take your team and your career to the next level. Leadership is explored through aspects of communication, decision-making, motivation, managing change, and creating a culture of accountability. Dr. Dewett addresses your core personal and people-related challenges at work using the lens of authenticity. Following thought provoking discussion and activities, you will leave with several useful takeaways you can put to use immediately. Join Dr. Dewett for a memorable day of laughing and learning.
Book by Dr. Todd Dewett
Book by Dr. Todd Dewett

Leadership Presence: Sending All the Right Signals

April 28, 2020 with Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman
Leadership presence is that illusive quality that sets you up for the next promotion and gives your career an extra boost. It's a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that when combined, sends all the right signals. Itís how you show up and contribute in meetings. It's projecting confidence and poise under pressure.
Book by Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman
Book by Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman

Critical Decision Making: The Importance of Constructive Conflict

May 21, 2020 with Dr. Michael Roberto
Leaders hear 'yes' far too often. They don't hear bad news until it's too late. It's an enormous problem for leaders, for teams, for the entire organization. But is it inevitable? Absolutely not. In this workshop, Professor Michael Roberto shows you how to stimulate dissent and debate to improve your decision making; he also shows how to keep that conflict constructive.
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto

Relationship Management: Ten Skills Leaders Need to Get the Best from Others

June 17, 2020 with Dr. John Daly
What does it take to get the best performance out of people today? Personal Relationships! No longer can you just tell people what to do. Instead, you must informally seek and build commitment among your team members to do their best. In this session youíll discover new, research-based, techniques, which will help you do that. Weíll learn how successful leaders shape their work environments to achieve optimal performance, get others to feel proud of their work, show they value othersí contributions in surprising ways, offer feedback that really helps, cope with the natural frictions that arise when people work together, and create a meaningful workplace where people, and the organization, can prosper. 
Book by Dr. John Daly
Book by Dr. John Daly

Communication and Conflict: Navigating Difficult People and Difficult Conversations

July 22, 2020 with Dr. Jarrod Atchison
Do you struggle with problem employees that challenge you at every turn? Does it seem like these people enjoy "debating" you more than contributing to the goals of your organization? Have you ever had a proposal flounder simply because the room was resistant to change? Many communication experts focus on interpersonal communication techniques to help resolve these difficult situations. Dr. Jarrod Atchison, known for his Great Courses series on The Art of Debate, takes a different approach that focuses on preventing and resolving conflict through learning the theory and practice of argumentation.

Breakthrough Ideas: Becoming a More Strategic Thinker

August 12, 2020 with Dr. Julia Sloan
Being strategically competitive in today's chaotic and complex global environment requires a different way of looking at how we approach strategic thinking. Leaders who are tasked with strategic responsibility must be attentive, agile, adaptive and innovative thinkers. Four key issues are addressed in this session: Why do organizations need strategic thinkers? What is strategic thinking? Who is a strategic thinker? How can strategic thinking be developed?
Book by Dr. Julia Sloan

Powerful Women Leaders: How to Connect, Engage and Succeed

September 09, 2020 with Dr. Debbye Turner Bell
In spite of this age of unprecedented access and opportunity for women in the workplace, women still lag far behind men in positions of power and leadership. This course will help women leaders and emerging leaders identify necessary tools for leadership, hone communication and negotiation skills, understand the role of emotional intelligence and cultural competence in achieving success, and harness the power of networking.

No Nonsense, No Excuses: How Personal Accountability Promotes Success

September 22, 2020 with Linda Galindo
This interactive program will take you through an effective and immediately useful education that instills personal accountability in the work environment. When the learning is applied and three innovative tools are used, personal accountability will result in your spending less time managing and more time coaching and mentoring. Your journey will begin with an online Accountability Assessment, the results of which you will receive at the session.
Book by Linda Galindo
Book by Linda Galindo

Becoming a Leader:† Strategies and Tools for New and Emerging Leaders

October 14, 2020 with Dr. Jeanne Porter King
This program is based on TransPorter Groupís Becoming a Leader Model. It is designed for to help lay a foundation for emerging leaders to develop fundamental leadership attributes.
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King

The Collaboration Factor: Five Strategies to Build Deeper Connections

November 04, 2020 with Ann Tardy
Transformation is impossible without human-to-human connection. We can only change ourselves, our teams, our organizations, and the world, when we exchange experiences and circulate our wisdom. Through collaboration we can accelerate each otherís success, shift the conversations we create, and generate new ideas and solutionsÖ together! In this session weíll look at how to realistically muster the courage and energy to ignite collaboration when itís not an organizational mandate or a societal requirement.
Book by Ann Tardy
Book by Ann Tardy

Reach, Teach and Engage Multiple Generations in the Workplace

December 02, 2020 with Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed
Sheer demographics suggest that, in the very near future, we will feel strain on our generational talent pools and, consequently, organizational productivity.  This seminar will provide leaders with insights and strategies for attracting, engaging and developing talent from all generations, as well as for enhancing intergenerational communication, productivity and results.
Book by Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed
Book by Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed
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