4 to 5 hour programs offer interactive exercises, breakout discussion rooms, and much more


These three-hour* live, virtual programs offer interactive exercises, breakout discussion rooms, and much more. After each virtual program participants will receive a certificate of learning, signed by the IMS thought-leader, along with 30 days of access to our award-winning online Leveraged-Learning platform from AthenaOnline.
In addition, after the program, learners will receive additional materials to support their learning experience for the next 30 days. The learning journey culminates with a 30 to 60-minute live online group coaching session and discussion with the IMS expert, to help program participants with implementation strategies for what they have learned. Each participant will also receive a certificate of learning and CPE credits.
Paid resigistrants who are not able to attend on the day of the program will be given access to a recording of the live session and will receive all of the other learning journey benefits, including the follow-up coaching.
* programs may run longer based on the interest of the participants
Attendee Sample Certificate
PLEASE NOTE: All virtual programs are held using the Zoom web application. If you do not have Zoom, or if it is not approved for use in your organization, you can log in using your personal device (tablet or phone). If you would like to test Zoom to be sure it is working on your computer or portable device, you can do so by going to: https://zoom.us/test.
If your organization needs information for whitelisting Zoom you can find it by clicking here.



Executive Presence: Convey Confidence and Command Respect as a Leader

October 29, 2020 with Joel Garfinkle
Executive presence means conveying confidence as a business leader, commanding respect, and having a professional magnetism that influences others. Executive presence trades passivity and self-doubt for self-assurance, decisiveness, and bold decision making. With this program, leaders will gain the tools to develop their executive presence and become the elite performers who influence outcomes, contribute to major decisions, and drive change for ...
Book by Joel Garfinkle
Book by Joel Garfinkle

Develop your Change Intelligence to Lead Critical Initiatives

November 03, 2020 with Dr. Barbara Trautlein
Become a more agile leader by learning tactics to influence-up, collaborate cross-functionally, and motivate direct reports to forge partnerships up, down, and across the organization. From new technologies to increasingly demanding customer expectations to new generations entering the workforce, we are all are bombarded with never-ending change. Are you frustrated that no matter what you try, your change initiatives seem to either fail outrigh...
Book by Dr. Barbara Trautlein

The Resilient Leader: 7 Skills to Boost your Leadership Strengths

November 05, 2020 with Dr. Andrew Shatte
In this session you will learn about 7 ways to grow your leadership abilities and foster resilience on the part of yourself and those you lead. You will receive a personal profile of your strengths and weaknesses across the 5 strengths that make an excellent and resilient leader - Integrity, Mentoring, Aligned Values, Results, & Connection to the job. We will evaluate your top leadership priorities and learn if the time allocated to each is a mat...
Book by Dr. Andrew Shatte
Book by Dr. Andrew Shatte

Working Smart: Managing Priorities and Mastering Workflow

November 10, 2020 with Jason Womack
Your work days are different now. There's as much (or more) to do as always, and to add to the pressure you feel, uncertain times lay ahead. Some priorities you are managing because they are in your job description. Other priories have been thrust upon you, while you handle the daily workflow of email in between attending phone and video meetings. How are you doing? Are you feeling more stressed than you want to be right now? During this session,...
Book by Jason Womack
Book by Jason Womack

Authentic Leadership: Build Trust, Resolve Conflicts, And Inspire Others

November 12, 2020 with Mike Robbins
Authenticity is critical to success and effectiveness for 21st century leaders. Now more than ever, it's essential for leaders to build authentic relationships in order to build trust, resolve conflicts, and create a true sense of inspiration and unity for their teams and organizations. This interactive program is filled with insight and practical techniques; all grounded in positive psychology and strengths-based leadership principles.
Book by Mike Robbins
Book by Mike Robbins

Speak to be Heard: Influencing Others to Take Action

November 17, 2020 with Stacey Hanke
This program will give you the opportunity to take a closer look at how influential you are how to stand out above the noise. You will receive practical and relevant tips, strategies and techniques for communicating with influence in all mediums: virtual, with or without a webcam and face-to-face. Stacey Hanke will help you eliminate the static that plagues communicative delivery - to persuade, sell your ideas, motivate and influence others to ac...
Book by Stacey Hanke
Book by Stacey Hanke

Optimize Your Decision Making by Anticipating the Unexpected

November 19, 2020 with Dr. Kathy Pearson
Discover how to increase the quality of your decisions, and those of your team, even in situations with ambiguous information, loosely structured problems, deep uncertainty, and complex trade-offs. Learn how to improve the agility of your team and implement proven techniques for minimizing costly mistakes. Work through engaging case studies, and current corporate examples, to understand how to apply this content in the ‘real world’. This fast-pac...
Book by Dr. Kathy Pearson

Resilient Leadership: Critical Skills for Improving Performance & Engagement

December 01, 2020 with Ryan Estis
For an entire generation of business leaders the actions they take now and in the months ahead will define them and their companies. Navigating this defining moment in the short term and preparing to capture opportunity in the long term will require a healthy mindset, critical decision making and strong relationships. During this interactive, virtual experience Ryan Estis will leverage both his proprietary research and personal experience leading...

The Manager's Toolkit: Essential Skills to Successfully Lead and Manage Others

December 03, 2020 with Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
Employees who are deservingly promoted into managerial positions because they do well in their current jobs often need additional support and better preparation if they're to successfully manage and/or lead others.This session will focus on equipping managers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage people and increase productivity in their areas of responsibility. Participants will explore basic managerial concepts, discuss c...
Book by Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
Book by Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper

How Women Rise: Breaking The Habits That Are Holding You Back

December 08, 2020 with Sally Helgesen
In this interactive workshop program, aimed specifically at senior and high potential women, Sally draws on her collaborative work with #1 ranked executive coach Marshall Goldsmith to help participants address habits and behaviors that can hold them back from moving to higher levels. Most of these behaviors are rooted in strengths that may have served women well early in their careers but can undermine them as they assume more responsibility and ...
Book by Sally Helgesen
Book by Sally Helgesen

Influence and Action: The Core of Leadership

December 10, 2020 with Dr. Robert Bies
As a leader, you will be expected to influence others, including your team, your superiors, and managers in different departments, as you build support for change and implement new programs. This seminar will examine the qualities and skills of leaders who get "extraordinary" things done under tight time and resource constraints. We will discuss how to get people to embrace change, how to build trust and credibility, how to manage the politics of...
Book by Dr. Robert Bies

The Manager as Coach: Critical Skills for Achieving High Performance

December 15, 2020 with Bill Hawkins
As a leader in your organization you know that it's your responsibility to support, coach, and engage your team during this time of turmoil. In this session we'll examine strategies and tactics to maximize your effectiveness coaching others in this new world. Discover how to keep your team engaged and motivated even when they’re distracted, anxious, and mentally and emotionally exhausted.
Book by Bill Hawkins
Book by Bill Hawkins

Take the Challenge Out of Virtual Selling

January 14, 2021 with Alice Heiman
Wow! What just happened. Unexpected and unpredicted. The world has been changed forever. Many great new innovations, self disovery and random acts of kindness are the best of the change. The pandemic is also shining the light on some things that need to improve and there are many but in this business environment a crucial one is the way we sell. We tend to be focused on our sellers and them selling from home with a less than optimal work environm...

Innovation Is Every Leader's Job: Strategies To Help Your Team Adapt and Thrive

January 19, 2021 with Dr. Michael Brenner
One of the most common misconceptions around innovation is that it's reserved for product development, engineering, or IT personnel. Nothing could be further from the truth. Innovation-the continuous development and introduction of new, different, and better products and services that deliver customer value-is everyone's business.

Inclusive Leadership: Strategies for Leading in a Diverse Workplace

January 21, 2021 with Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Inclusive Leadership is a highly interactive leadership development workshop designed to enable organizational and team leaders to learn how to more fully leverage all talent by understanding implicit bias, and learning strategies for mitigating such bias in leadership decisions and practices.
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King

Know What You Don't Know: How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen

January 26, 2021 with Dr. Michael Roberto
Leaders hear 'yes' far too often. They don't hear bad news until it's too late. It's an enormous problem for leaders, for teams, for the entire organization. But is it inevitable? Absolutely not. In this workshop, Professor Michael Roberto shows you how to stimulate dissent and debate to improve your decision making; he also shows how to keep that conflict constructive.
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto

Mastering Tough Conversations: Communicate Best When It Matters Most

January 28, 2021 with Neil Staker
How we individually and collectively talk about tough issues has a disproportionate impact on results and relationships. Unfortunately, we tend to be at our worst when it matters most. We avoid, hint, try sarcasm, and vent, as relationships deteriorate and problems go unresolved. On the flip side, individuals and teams that talk effectively about anything are agile, effective, and happy. This workshop is incredibly practical and engaging. You'...

Courage to Confront: Problem Solving in the Face of Conflict

February 02, 2021 with Margaret Morford
This seminar builds a talent management strategy around five Principles that go far beyond basic management rules. These Principles challenge normal management concepts and require participants to look at each employee they manage and formulate a development plan and/or communication strategy that best fits the individual.  Each of the Principles is discussed in depth and numerous real work situations are used to illustrate how to get a be...
Book by Margaret Morford
Book by Margaret Morford

Virtual Leader: Discover, Disrupt and Deliver Results

February 04, 2021 with Dr. Scott Allen
With recent seismic shifts in the way we interact and connect in the workplace, effective leadership is needed now more than ever. This program helps leaders develop the skills needed for success in the new working environment. Discover the key attributes of effective virtual leaders. Explore how different leadership styles impact productivity and engagement in the digital space. Learn how small shifts in your leadership style can yield big resul...
Book by Dr. Scott Allen
Book by Dr. Scott Allen

How Innovative Thinking Leads to Extraordinary Outcomes

February 11, 2021 with Dr. Iris Firstenberg
Successful organizations operate on the edge of chaos and embrace risk, error, and ambiguity, while practicing strategies that reduce the need for doing, undoing, and redoing. You will learn key strategies and practical tools to give you the adaptive capacity to work creatively with change and uncertainty. Using examples from teams and organizations that have applied these tools, we will discuss how to tap the human potential for creative thi...
Book by Dr. Iris Firstenberg
Book by Dr. Iris Firstenberg

Reality-Based Leadership - Ditch the Drama and Turn Excuses into Results

February 23, 2021 with Alex Dorr
Drama is emotional waste. It shows itself as resistance to change, entitlement mentalities, complaints about workload, over-dependence upon management, lack of nimbleness and adaptation, and using circumstances or the environment as excuses for missed goals. Emotional waste is everywhere, but most leaders ignore the incredible opportunity to reduce emotional expenses. Reality-Based Leadership provides leaders with the competencies necessary ...

Leadership Presence: Sending All the Right Signals

March 18, 2021 with Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman
Leadership presence is that illusive quality that sets you up for the next promotion and gives your career an extra boost. It's a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that when combined, sends all the right signals. It’s how you show up and contribute in meetings. It's projecting confidence and poise under pressure.
Book by Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman
Book by Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman

From Player to Coach: Making the Successful Transition to Management

March 25, 2021 with Dr. Michael Woodward
We all know diversity brings out the best in teams but how can you as a leader help foster an environment which champions diversity? In this highly interactive workshop you will learn how to more fully leverage all talent by understanding implicit bias, and learning strategies for mitigating such bias in leadership decisions and practices.
Book by Dr. Michael Woodward

Increasing Your Personal Impact: Maximize Your Power to Influence Others

March 30, 2021 with Ty Bennett
Regardless of the type of organization you`re in, or the role you play in it, you are in the business of people. Because of that, great leadership is the driving force behind growing your business. Based on his highly-rated book, The Power of Influence, Ty Bennett shares his philosophies and tools for increasing your influence and impact as a leader. How do you become a good leader? Through influence. How do you become a great leader? By usi...
Book by Ty Bennett
Book by Ty Bennett
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