4 to 5 hour programs offer interactive exercises, breakout discussion rooms, and much more


These three-hour live, virtual programs offer interactive exercises, breakout discussion rooms, and much more. After each virtual program participants will receive a certificate of learning, signed by the IMS thought-leader, along with 30 days of access to our award-winning online Leveraged-Learning platform from AthenaOnline.
In addition, after the program, learners will receive additional materials to support their learning experience for the next 30 days. The learning journey culminates with a 30 to 60-minute live online group coaching session and discussion with the IMS expert, to help program participants with implementation strategies for what they have learned. Each participant will also receive a certificate of learning and CPE* credits.
Paid resigistrants who are not able to attend on the day of the program will be given access to a recording of the live session and will receive all of the other learning journey benefits, including the follow-up coaching.
Attendee Sample Certificate


Critical Thinking Skills To Improve Your Decision-Making

December 09, 2021 with Dr. Michael Roberto
This program shows you how to stimulate dissent and debate to improve your decision-making. Of course, conflict alone does not produce better decisions and improved results. Leaders need to cultivate debate and simultaneously build consensus.  Whether you're a leader or a project team member, this program will help you leverage your team's immense untapped wisdom to make better decisions-and get better results.
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto

How Women Lead: Influencing Others and Creating Positive Change

December 14, 2021 with Dr. Priya Nalkur
Participants will walk away with immediately usable practical tools to influence others and create positive change along with feeling refreshed and energized to take on challenges in their lives.

Inclusive Leadership: Strategies for Leading in a Diverse Workplace

January 20, 2022 with Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Inclusive Leadership is a highly interactive leadership development workshop designed to enable organizational and team leaders to learn how to more fully leverage all talent by understanding implicit bias, and learning strategies for mitigating such bias in leadership decisions and practices.
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King

How to Think Strategically and Make an Impact

January 25, 2022 with Gregory Githens
Strategic thinking is a rare and valuable competency that is needed at all levels of the organization. It is the number one development requirement for the next generation of leaders. Those who have it will see more opportunities for contribution and for advancement. This program will help you understand what it means to "be strategic" and how to make a broader impact in your organization. A competent strategic thinker tolerates ambiguity, notice...
Book by Gregory Githens

Leading From Anywhere: The Essential Guide To Managing Hybrid & Remote Teams

January 27, 2022 with Dr. David Burkus
Research shows that employees are more productive and engaged when they have the freedom to work from anywhere-which means leaders need the skills to lead from anywhere. Learn how to handle the key challenges that remote leaders face: building a strong team culture, developing norms for communication, limiting distractions, ensuring accountability for work, providing feedback, and avoiding burnout. This session provides everything you'll need to ...
Book by Dr. David Burkus
Book by Dr. David Burkus

Collaborative Leadership: How To Build Trust, Overcome Obstacles and Accelerate Team Success

February 08, 2022 with Ann Tardy
Transformation is impossible without human-to-human connection. We can only change ourselves, our teams, our organizations, and the world, when we exchange experiences and circulate our wisdom. Through collaboration we can accelerate each other’s success, shift the conversations we create, and generate new ideas and solutions… together! In this program, we'll look at how to realistically muster the courage and energy to ignite collaboration wh...
Book by Ann Tardy
Book by Ann Tardy

Communicating with IMPACT: Six Steps to Design and Deliver Messages that Inspire Action

February 10, 2022 with Patrick Donadio
In today's high-tech world, good old-fashioned, verbal communication is not as good as it used to be. With communication in the workplace expanded to several platforms, how do you ensure the message you send will be received, understood and acted upon?
Book by Patrick Donadio

Lead For Results: Improving Focus, Relationships and Performance

February 15, 2022 with Dr. Clinton Longenecker
Now more than ever, getting better results on an ongoing basis is the leadership mandate in every organization around the world. This seminar is designed to help business leaders develop a framework with which to systematically increase their personal effectiveness and ability to achieve higher levels of performance. This dynamic, interactive and hands-on virtual live learning experience will: equip managers to better focus their people and thems...
Book by Dr. Clinton Longenecker
Book by Dr. Clinton Longenecker

Proven Strategies to Improve Engagement and Accountability on Your Team

February 22, 2022 with Dr. Daren Martin
Typical companies have a 29% engagement rate. This is abysmal and handicaps success at every level. A Company of Owners was written to spark an evolution in companies and organizations leading to a fully engaged team where everyone acts and performs like an owner. How much better would your company be if ...
  • Every team member came to work every day excited about the company''s vision and their role in making it a success?
  • ...
Book by Dr. Daren Martin
Book by Dr. Daren Martin

Courage to Confront: Problem Solving in the Face of Conflict

February 24, 2022 with Margaret Morford
This seminar teaches three essential skills which every manager needs to succeed. Learn proven strategies to tackle the toughest workplace and employee issues. With years of experience as a Chief Human Resources Officer, Margaret Morford has no shortage of real world examples to use in her seminar. (She guarantees many will sound familiar to you!). This will be a fun and interactive seminar with the goal of helping successful managers become even...
Book by Margaret Morford
Book by Margaret Morford

Leadership Presence: Sending All the Right Signals

March 08, 2022 with Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman
Leadership presence is that elusive quality that sets you up for the next promotion and gives your career an extra boost. It's a blending of personal and interpersonal communication skills that when combined, send all the right signals. It's the impact you make when you show up and contribute in meetings. It's knowing how to project confidence and keep your poise under pressure. It's the ability to present your ideas decisively, assertively, and ...
Book by Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman
Book by Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman

Working Smart: Managing Priorities and Mastering Workflow

March 17, 2022 with Jason Womack
Your work days are different now. There's as much (or more) to do as always, and to add to the pressure you feel, uncertain times lay ahead. Some priorities you are managing because they are in your job description. Other priories have been thrust upon you, while you handle the daily workflow of email in between attending phone and video meetings. How are you doing? Are you feeling more stressed than you want to be right now? During this session,...
Book by Jason Womack
Book by Jason Womack

Mastering Tough Conversations: Communicate Best When It Matters Most

March 22, 2022 with Neil Staker
How we individually and collectively talk about tough issues has a disproportionate impact on results and relationships. Unfortunately, we tend to be at our worst when it matters most. We avoid, hint, try sarcasm, and vent, as relationships deteriorate and problems go unresolved. On the flip side, individuals and teams that talk effectively about anything are agile, effective, and happy. This workshop is incredibly practical and engaging. You'...

Becoming a Leader: Strategies & Tools for New & Emerging Leaders

March 24, 2022 with Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
This program focuses on equipping managers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage people and increase productivity in their areas of responsibility. Participants explore basic managerial concepts, discuss common situations and challenges and learn how to apply specific strategies and tools to successfully manage people.
Book by Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
Book by Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper

Powerful Women Leaders: How to Connect, Engage and Succeed

March 31, 2022 with Dr. Debbye Turner Bell
In spite of this age of unprecedented access and opportunity for women in the workplace, women still lag far behind men in positions of power and leadership. This course will help women leaders and emerging leaders identify necessary tools for leadership, hone communication and negotiation skills, understand the role of emotional intelligence and cultural competence in achieving success, and harness the power of networking.
Book by Dr. Debbye Turner Bell
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