4 to 5 hour programs offer interactive exercises, breakout discussion rooms, and much more


IMS Virtual Learning Journeys are designed to help you develop the skills required to be an effective leader.
  • Interactive virtual-live programs are engaging and fit into your busy schedule.
  • Taught by bestselling authors and professors from top business schools.
  • Application focused case studies and breakout rooms let you practice new skills.
  • 30 day learning journey with IMSQuickCoach videos to reinforce content.
  • Follow-up coaching session with the educator to help apply what you learned.
  • Certificate of Completion to document your development experience with IMS.
  • View Live Or Watch Recording - available for 30 days after the program
  • Registration fee is only $395 per program.
Attendee Sample Certificate


Leadership Presence: The Hidden Factor To Your Success

July 16, 2024 with Lida Citroen
What makes one person's voice stronger and more respected than others? Why do some people command the room while others are overlooked? Leadership presence and the ability to communicate through story is what separates leaders from operators. It's why some people enlist followers and others struggle to have their opinions, recommendations and ideas validated.
Book by Lida Citroen
Book by Lida Citroen

Communication Mastery: A Model for Maximum Interpersonal Effectiveness

July 18, 2024 with Dr. Daren Martin
Based on a model developed and used in companies all over the world including many Fortune 100, this communication model has increased performance and effectiveness for 100s of thousands of leaders. It is simple to understand and remember but will have a profound impact on every interaction, work or personal, you have on a daily basis.
Book by Dr. Daren Martin
Book by Dr. Daren Martin

Be the Leader that People Will Follow

July 23, 2024 with Dr. Robert Bies
In these most challenging times, people are looking for leadership. They are looking to you for leadership. There are three core leadership skills that are critical to be the leader that people will want to follow-building trust, storytelling, and delivering bad news. In these times of turbulent change, building trust is more important than ever. This program will focus on identifying the "enemies" of trust (e.g., incomplete communication, inc...
Book by Dr. Robert Bies

Your New Toolkit for Managing Conflict

July 25, 2024 with Dr. Jason D. Patent
Conflict is a daily reality in life and work - whether or not we call it "conflict." Different people have different wants and needs, providing the seeds for conflict. When in conflict, we often want to fast-forward to resolution.
Book by Dr. Jason D. Patent

Leadership Essentials: How to Lead with character, competence and resilience

August 08, 2024 with John Gronski
"As Iron sharpens Iron, so one person sharpens another", can mean many different things to different people. For many it speaks to mentorship and the responsibility a leader has to develop future leaders. Picture a leader reaching their hand up to someone wiser and more experienced to continue to learn and grow, while at the same time reaching their other hand downward to help their followers along the way.
Book by John Gronski
Book by John Gronski

Breakthrough Ideas: Becoming a More Strategic Thinker

August 13, 2024 with Dr. Julia Sloan
Being strategically competitive in today's chaotic and complex global environment requires a different way of looking at how we approach strategic thinking. Leaders who are tasked with strategic responsibility must be attentive, agile, adaptive and innovative thinkers. Four key issues are addressed in this session: Why do organizations need strategic thinkers? What is strategic thinking? Who is a strategic thinker? How can strategic thinking...
Book by Dr. Julia Sloan
Book by Dr. Julia Sloan

Difficult Conversations: A Manager's Guide To The Toughest Workplace And Employee Challenges

August 15, 2024 with Margaret Morford
This program teaches essential skills which every manager needs to succeed. Learn proven strategies for having courageous conversations to tackle the toughest workplace and employee issues. Discover how to address performance problems and provide feedback with candor and grace. Become comfortable having difficult conversations.
Book by Margaret Morford
Book by Margaret Morford

Master Your World: Enhancing Productivity for Exceptional Results

August 20, 2024 with Dr. Mary Kelly
In this program you will learn how leaders can enhance their productivity and efficiency in today's fast-paced environment, how they cultivate management and leadership skills across all organizational levels, as well as how they address the challenges of diminishing productivity and waning employee engagement.
Book by Dr. Mary Kelly
Book by Dr. Mary Kelly

Leadership Tactics for Increasing Engagement, Efficiency and Results

August 22, 2024 with Dr. Cory Scheer
When it comes to leadership, there is no one size or one style that fits all situations. For over 50 years, Situational Leadership has proven to be a framework that transforms leaders, teams, and organizations. Situational Leadership is so effective because it encourages and equips the leader to adapt their style of leadership based on the competency level and willingness of the team member to successfully complete a specific task.
Book by Dr. Cory Scheer

Wired To Resist: Leveraging Brain Science for Successful Change

September 10, 2024 with Dr. Britt Andreatta
The pace of today's change is pushing the limits of even the most nimble organizations. Change occurs in a myriad of ways from shifting technology to reorganizing functions to seeking new customers and operating globally. And no matter the size, every change requires new learning. Recent discoveries in neuroscience illuminate how we learn, respond to change, and ways we can maximize both flexibility and resilience.
Book by Dr. Britt Andreatta
Book by Dr. Britt Andreatta

How to Build Your Executive Presence and Impact

September 12, 2024 with May Busch
Having executive presence and impact is essential for leadership and career success. This program provides clarity on the actionable strategies participants can put to work right away to inspire confidence, command attention and gain the respect of senior decision makers from the moment they enter the room (including zoom) through to the end of the meeting.
Book by May Busch

Most Powerful You: How Women Leaders Close Power Gaps & Reach Their Highest Potential

September 17, 2024 with Kathy Caprino
The business world has been forever changed by the important progress and contributions that women have made. Yet, with only 36% of managerial roles and 28% of C-suite positions being held by women, women continue to struggle to achieve the recognition, reward, respect, contribution level and authority they have earned and are prepared for.
Book by Kathy Caprino
Book by Kathy Caprino

Think Faster, Talk Smarter: How to Speak Successfully When Put on the Spot

September 24, 2024 with Matt Abrahams
Business leaders can struggle to convey their messages in a clear, concise, and compelling manner. When your strategic communication resonates with your audience in a well-organized and clear way, it is far more likely to be impactful and acted upon. In this session, you will learn how to design and integrate your messages in service of your strategic speaking goal(s).
Book by Matt Abrahams
Book by Matt Abrahams

The Three C's of Leadership: Curiosity, Change, and Clarity

September 26, 2024 with Dan Pontefract
There are only two kinds of leadership in this world: leading self and leading others. It's that simple, only two. Your ultimate goal is to master and deliver on them both. This program will help you move towards that goal by developing your leadership capabilities in three pivotal areas.
Book by Dan Pontefract
Book by Dan Pontefract

Authentic Leadership: Build Trust, Resolve Conflicts, And Inspire Others

October 08, 2024 with Mike Robbins
Authenticity is critical to success and effectiveness for 21st-century leaders. Now more than ever, it's essential for leaders to build authentic relationships to build trust, resolve conflicts, and create a true sense of inspiration and unity for their teams and organizations. This interactive program is filled with insight and practical techniques; all grounded in positive psychology and strengths-based leadership principles.
Book by Mike Robbins
Book by Mike Robbins

Becoming a Leader: Strategies & Tools for New & Emerging Leaders

October 10, 2024 with Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
This program focuses on equipping managers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage people and increase productivity in their areas of responsibility. Participants explore basic managerial concepts, discuss common situations and challenges and learn how to apply specific strategies and tools to successfully manage people.
Book by Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
Book by Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper

Become an Influential Communicator

October 17, 2024 with Tatiana Kolovou
Effective communication is a crucial skill in the business world, and this course will help you hone yours. The course covers the theory of persuasion and likability, as well as strategies for audience analysis and influential presentations.

Boosting Productivity: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter

October 22, 2024 with Helene Segura
This transformational program is designed for busy managers, project leaders, and senior individual contributors who are looking to operate more efficiently and strategically in order to maximize productivity. Whether you're working virtually, onsite or a hybrid, bolster your leadership ability and skills when you discover these critical strategies and tactics.
Book by Helene Segura
Book by Helene Segura

Think Smarter, Not Harder: Developing Your Decision Making Skills

October 24, 2024 with Dr. Graeme Codrington
The ability to make good decisions when faced with complex problems is a skill that will help you get noticed and get ahead. But a challenging truth is that the further you progress in your career, the bigger and more ambiguous the problems you face will become. Invest your time in this program to learn advanced critical thinking strategies which will enable your continued success.
Book by Dr. Graeme Codrington
Book by Dr. Graeme Codrington

Mastering Tough Conversations: Communicate Best When It Matters Most

October 29, 2024 with Neil Staker
This program is incredibly practical and engaging. You'll learn why most approaches fail in these tough situations and gain insights into what actually works. There will be lots of opportunities to practice to ensure what you learned translates to improved results back at work. Fun, active, and incredibly engaging, this program takes solid social science and makes it actionable.

Influence to Impact: Leveraging Interpersonal Power for Women Leaders

November 05, 2024 with Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Influence is a crucial competency that enables leaders to succeed in the global marketplace. This program is a highly interactive, leadership development workshop for women. In this course women come to understand the three levels of power involved in influencing, they discover their I2I (Influence to Impact) Influence Profile, they are taught the power of language and the role gender plays in organizational influence, they are taught to use dial...
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King

Communicating with Influence and Impact

November 12, 2024 with Stacey Hanke
In today's virtual, in-person and hybrid world communicating with influence is harder and more critical than it's ever been. How you communicate determines whether others see you as credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Without doing this effectively, you inhibit your maximum potential to influence, increase profits and cultivate long-term relationships.
Book by Stacey Hanke
Book by Stacey Hanke

How To Think Strategically And Make An Impact

November 14, 2024 with Dr. Michael Roberto
Strategic thinking is a rare and valuable competency that is needed at all levels of the organization. It is the number one development requirement for the next generation of leaders. Those who have it will see more opportunities for contribution and for advancement. This program will help you develop a foundational understanding of strategy, enabling you to make a broader impact in your organization.
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto

The Ultimate Career Management Tools for Today's Professionals

November 19, 2024 with William Arruda
In this powerful, interactive program you will learn what makes both WFH and in office professionals power up what makes them unique and compelling. Discover the secrets of an engaging, thought provoking three step process to reveal, express and amplify the best image of yourself.
Book by William Arruda
Book by William Arruda

Dealing with Difficult People: Turn Tension into Collaboration

November 21, 2024 with Dr. Michelle Brody
Difficult colleagues show up at work in many forms and lead to frustration and lower productivity. What can be done about a micromanaging, undermining, uncooperative or thwarting colleague? Team members who get impossibly defensive when you try to offer feedback? The intuitive methods leaders use to manage "difficult coworkers" often backfire, resulting in vicious cycles of worsening behavior.
Book by Dr. Michelle Brody
Book by Dr. Michelle Brody

Powerful Communication: Craft and Deliver your Message with Authority and Authenticity

December 03, 2024 with Dr. Debbye Turner Bell
Effective communication can impress people but powerful communication can move people to action. This program identifies the elements of powerful communication and teaches you how to harness and utilize your individual skills to become a communicator that persuades, inspires, and transforms. Expect a highly interactive program with group exercises, skills assessment, demonstrations, and plenty of opportunities to apply what you are learning.
Book by Dr. Debbye Turner Bell

Power up Your Day: Master Time and Focus to Boost Productivity

December 05, 2024 with Bill Williams
Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of the day and wondering when you're going to get all your 'stuff' done? Bill G. Williams will deliver a high energy, 3-hour workshop that will allow you to own your time. Do you know what's truly important to you? You certainly know what's urgent. Understand the difference between urgent and important.
Book by Bill Williams

Powerful Tools for Handling Workplace Challenges and Tough Conversations.

December 10, 2024 with Karin Hurt and David Dye
In a high-pressure environment, it's easy for a simple conversation to ignite into a full-blown conflict. But what if you could diffuse the tension before it escalates? Unlock the power of care-filled words to enhance your credibility, navigate sensitive topics, and establish your reputation as a highly skilled communicator.
Book by Karin Hurt and David Dye
Book by Karin Hurt and David Dye

Leading Like Legends: Hollywood's Lessons in Leadership

December 12, 2024 with Dr. Robert Bies
This program delves into the essence of exceptional leadership through the portrayal of iconic figures in silver screen history. Inspired by legendary Hollywood movies, it equips participants with invaluable insights and tangible strategies to elevate their leadership skills.
Book by Dr. Robert Bies

LEAD with Courage: Transforming Organizational Decision-Making

January 23, 2025 with Dr. Nicole Price
Your ability to lead change initiatives has a significant impact on the performance and engagement of your team, and your career progress. But leading successful change requires more than just skills in project management. The real key to leading change that sticks is...people.
Book by Dr. Nicole Price
Book by Dr. Nicole Price
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