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IMS New York leadership development programs are committed to helping you expand the capacity of your teams and improving the capabilities of your entire organization. IMS Leveraged Learning takes it even further with 30-days of blended-learning access. Call to learn more about our programs and how IMS New York can help your employees learn, grow and thrive.

Lead For Results: Improving Focus, Relationships and Performance

November 07, 2019 with Dr. Clinton Longenecker
This dynamic, interactive and hands-on learning experience will: provide specific tools to help leaders better understand the causes of managerial failure; equip managers to better focus their people and themselves on desired outcomes; help leaders effectively equip their people to perform at higher levels; demonstrate the importance of creating a working environment that fosters better results; encouraging managers to maximize people power and will make a strong case for developing both people and processes in your quest for better results.
Book by Dr. Clinton Longenecker
Book by Dr. Clinton Longenecker

How to Reach, Teach and Engage Various Generations in the Workplace

December 12, 2019 with Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed
Sheer demographics suggest that, in the very near future, we will feel strain on our generational talent pools and, consequently, organizational productivity.  This seminar will provide leaders with insights and strategies for attracting, engaging and developing talent from all generations, as well as for enhancing intergenerational communication, productivity and results.
Book by Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed
Book by Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed

Masterful Negotiations: Strategies and Techniques Needed to Achieve Win/Win

January 30, 2020 with Ruth Shlossman
This highly informative fast-paced workshop based on the latest research as well as 25 years of negotiating experience takes the mystery out of negotiating. Ms. Shlossman introduces a series of simple, easy-to-implement strategies that will have a big impact on your negotiation outcomes, leading to negotiation mastery. You will learn the Negotiate Smart strategies for (a) effectively setting the stage for win-win outcomes; (b) creating and utilizing leverage to achieve your negotiation goals; (c) finding creative and assertive ways to change their “no” into a “yes”; (d) managing concessions while developing trust and maintaining good rapport; (e) dealing with hard-ball negotiators; and (f) using the emotional side of negotiating to work for you and not against you....

Generating Transformational Ideas that Deliver Breakthrough Innovation

February 20, 2020 with Dr. David Burkus
Why are some people consistently creative and others strikingly unoriginal? In this talk, you’ll understand the various myths we apply when trying to encourage creativity and replace them with well-researched facts instead. Using insights from the wealth of research on organizational creativity, you’ll receive practical implications and realistic strategies for encouraging innovation.
Book by Dr. David Burkus
Book by Dr. David Burkus

Critical Success Factors for Women Leaders

March 11, 2020 with Sara King
In this session, women leaders will examine their own profile of success and areas for development. They will also focus on the key ingredients that continue to hold women back: not developing and articulating a leadership vision, not paying attention to the political landscape, and not strengthening the breadth and depth of relationships. They will leave this session with practical tools and individual insights to apply in their current roles.
Book by Sara King
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