Forty-Five years of delivering excellence in leadership education


The Institute for Management Studies (IMS) was created in San Francisco in 1974 by its visionary founder Gordon Peters with the mission of providing innovative, world-class leadership development opportunities for it''s member organizations. IMS has since grown to 15 regions in North America, supporting employee development and performance efforts in over 250 companies.
The IMS membership approach allows organizations to help shape regional curriculum and provide direct input on programs and faculty selection. This ensures that monthly, regional programs are unique and satisfy the needs of the local members. The membership approach also allows IMS to provide some of the most distinguished thought-leaders at a greatly reduced cost.
Over 10,000 People


Over 15,000 people attend IMS programs each year


IMS leading-edge thinkers are experts in their subject area and include best-selling authors, academics, researchers and consultants. All have made a contribution to leadership practice and have implemented their ideas in organizations around the world, providing practical and implementation oriented strategies to improve performance. Over its rich, 45-year history IMS has introduced its members to groundbreaking thought-leaders like Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Beverly Kaye, David Allen, Marshall Goldsmith and hundreds of others.
Each month IMS regional programs cover core strategic, functional and soft-skills topics such as; communication, strategic planning, critical thinking, customer service, finance, diversity and inclusiveness, productivity, resilience, coaching and mentoring, team-building, and conflict.
Over 10,000 IMS participants per year interact with and learn from the world's leading management thinkers. The cross-pollination of other member organizations provides for richer and more meaningful discussion during the one-day IMS programs. IMS groups are more homogenous than in public programs, maximizing peer interaction and networking opportunities across organizations.


The Institute for Management Studies believes that learning must go beyond the classroom to be truly impactful. The IMS Leveraged-Learning delivery allows participants to access microlearning content and other materials from thought leaders. Our partnership with AthenaOnline provides program attendees with access to over 2,700 bite-sized video lessons and over 400 articles.
A number of IMS regions hold networking events to bring like-minded professionals to discuss topics that are of interest to them and their employees. It is a great way to learn who is doing new work in the field and what best-practices others in the development field are using. Our annual Advisory Board Meeting (ABM) does the same, though on a much larger scale, involving all of the IMS regions.
The Institute for Management Studies offers many benefits that you will not find in any other employee development programs. Contact us to learn how IMS membership can help develop and engage your employees to increase your organizational performance.
IMS is still one of the best values in leadership development today. ~ Marshall Goldsmith


98% of attendees say that IMS programs are application focused, had a positive impact, and that they would recommend them to others. Learn how IMS has helped members like Nestlé Purina not just survive, but thrive with virtual learning offerings.
Thriving In a Virtual World - Learn how IMS has helped members like Nestle Purina.
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