A blended learning approach is more effective for engaging and developing employees


Studies have shown that a blended learning approach is more effective for engaging and developing employees. In 2011 The Institute for Management Studies became one of the first leadership programs to use a blended approach to help deepen understanding of the topics being presented.
Blended Learning
Our partnership with microlearning pioneer AthenaOnline provides attendees with access to a special program we call Leveraged Learning or L2. Each curated, mobile-friendly L2 page offers microlearning videos that are available 24/7 and support the IMS program that the participant attended. A threaded discussion allows participants to ask questions of the expert or each other. Printable materials are also available on each L2 page.


In addition, IMS attendees receive 30 days of access to the entire AthenaOnline library of over 2,700 microlearning videos with over 150 business experts. Topics covered include communication, accountability, creativity, performance, coaching, strategy and much more. Lessons can be shared, helping spread knowledge through the organization.
IMS coordinators in member companies receive full-time access to the IMS QuickCoach portal, allowing them to save and share AthenaOnline's expert-driven learning inside of their organization. They can see the number of views to track usage each of the shared lessons.
Blended Learning
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