Professor Hannah holds an endowed chair in management at Wake Forest University School of Business. He previously served as the Director of Leadership and Management Programs at West Point - The United States Military Academy, and as the Director of the US Army's center for the profession and character-based leader development. He is a retired US Army Colonel with vast practical experience leading complex organizations and developing leaders.

Dr. Hannah has served in command and staff positions in Infantry units in Europe, Cuba, Panama, Southwest Asia, and the United States. He served in combat with the lead unit of 3d Armored Division during Desert Storm, where his unit was awarded the Valorous Unit Award and he the Bronze Star. He has served from the lowest tactical levels to the highest strategic levels, having worked for two Chiefs of Staff of the Army and an Assistant Secretary; an engaged and effective educator and trainer, he synthesizes his research and practical leadership experience to engage students and leaders and enhance their learning. Beyond university teaching he has conducted over 300 executive education programs with major corporations and other U.S. and international organizations on leadership, leader development and character development.



Effective leaders possess a broad set of leadership skills and competencies - the science of leadership - and they know when, where, and under what conditions to use each - the art of leadership. Dr. Hannah will combine findings from cutting-edge academic research with lessons-learned from his three decades of personal leadership experience, spanning from a front line to a strategic leader, to advance attendees' capabilities and development as inspirational leaders. This seminar will cover highly effective transformational leadership behaviors, where you will learn a model of flexible leader behaviors that will enable you to tailor your leadership to the situation and achieve your desired effects.

Transformational leaders engage the hearts and minds of others and empower them to achieve desired results. You will learn actionable communication tools to express your intent as a leader and gain alignment from others around your vision while allowing them to determine "how" to accomplish your intent.

Finally, credibility is the sine qua non of leadership. A core element of transformational leadership is thus being a leader who sets the standard for others - is an idealized and trustworthy leader of character. You will learn the three core bases of trustworthiness and gain skills to establish your credibility, and thus influence, as an inspirational leader.

Virtual - August 18, 2022
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