Book by Dr. Daren Martin
Book by Dr. Daren Martin


Dr. Daren Martin - The Culture Architect advises, speaks, and writes books on Company Culture, Employee Engagement, Sales, Leadership, Customer Experience and more. His bestselling book, A Company of Owners has sparked positive change at companies around the world and has been called "Best book I have read since Good to Great". Other titles include, Whiteboard: Business Models That Inspire Action, Unbeach Your Company: Learning to Swim in the New Ocean and The Sink: Radical Transformation with One Small Change. Dr. Martin provides Keynotes for a wide range of Conferences and Industries including Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Financial, Hospitality, and more as well as for Associations and Franchise groups. He uses captivating stories, relatable examples, and powerful hooks to keep attendees coming back to what they learned, while accelerating meaningful change. Dr. Martin's thought leadership and change strategies in transforming companies earned him the title The Culture Architect. Dr. Martin ran his own business for 20 years and for the last 11 years has been a Trusted Advisor for Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and small business owners from a wide range of industries. He has been in over 40 countries. He is also the CEO and Founder of The Global Company Culture Association - a member organization committed to improving workplace culture around the world.



This course is brought to you by Dr. Daren Martin who is known as The Culture Architect. Great company cultures do not happen by default, they happen by design. Knowing how to create a great company culture in your work environment or on your team is one of the most valuable skills you can develop as a leader. Drawing on his book A Company of Owners and other resources, Dr. Martin will map out a strategy for designing an Optimal Company Culture for your Industry and Company. He will provide the ABCs of how to Architect a Company Culture where people thrive and profits skyrocket. He will teach you skills and tools that can move your company towards 100% high engagement instead of the typical 29%. Establishing A Company of Owners results in a company where everyone treats the company as if it were their own. Zombie employees become extinct while rock-star employees thrive throughout. A Company of Owners drives an increase in performance and profitability. One Harvard study revealed that Companies that get their Culture right see an increase in their Net Profitability by as much as 756% over a 10-year period. Learn how to make yourself indispensable to any company by acting like an owner as well as how to be the hero of your company by helping to drive significant Culture change.

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