with Dan Pontefract
September 26, 2024, 11 AM - 2 PM Eastern Time
10 AM - 1 PM Central Time
8 AM - 11 AM Pacific Time
$395 (US) per person

Book by Dan Pontefract
Book by Dan Pontefract



There are only two kinds of leadership in this world: leading self and leading others. It's that simple, only two. Your ultimate goal is to master and deliver on them both. This program will help you move towards that goal by developing your leadership capabilities in three pivotal areas:

  • Remain Curious: Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement
  • Embrace Change: Practice strategies to adapt swiftly and positively to change
  • Command Clarity: Convey clear decision-making and communication

By integrating these practices, leaders not only drive positive outcomes but also inspire those around them to reach their full potential. This program will equip you with the skills to excel in leadership roles and make a lasting impact.



Dan Pontefract is a renowned leadership strategist, author, and keynote speaker with over two decades of experience in senior executive roles at companies such as SAP, TELUS, and Business Objects. Since then, he has worked with organizations worldwide, including Salesforce, Amgen, the State of Tennessee, Nestlé, Canada Post, Autodesk, BMO, the Government of Canada, Manulife, Nutrien, and the City of Toronto, among others.

As an award-winning and best-selling author, Dan has written four books: LEAD. CARE. WIN., OPEN TO THINK, THE PURPOSE EFFECT, and FLAT ARMY. His fifth book, WORK-LIFE BLOOM, will be published in 2023. Dan also writes for Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and other outlets.

Dan is a renowned keynote speaker who has presented at four TED events and has delivered over 600 keynotes . He is an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria's Gustavson School of Business and has received over 25 industry, individual, and book awards.

Dan's career is interwoven with corporate and academic experience, coupled with an MBA, B.Ed, and multiple industry certifications and awards. Notably, Dan is listed on the Thinkers50 Radar, HR Weekly's 100 Most Influential People in HR, PeopleHum's Top 200 Thought Leaders to Follow, and Inc. Magazine's Top 100 Leadership Speakers.


  • Remain Curious: Leverage curiosity tactics to drive a continuous learning mindset
  • Embrace Change: Strategies to adapt swiftly and positively to change
  • Command Clarity: Techniques to convey clear decision-making and communications


Identifying how curiosity propels learning while fostering an environment where ideas are welcomed, and growth is endless
Recognizing and adapting to change proactively, viewing challenges as opportunities for personal and team development
Articulation and decisiveness in setting goals, taking action, and communicating effectively to ensure team alignment and successful outcomes

Program Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Delivery Method: Group Internet Based (Zoom platform)
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Participants will earn 3 CPE credits or 3 PDC credits
Field of Study: Personal Development
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