The Membership Approach

Since 1974, IMS has provided its members with the most innovative development series available. The membership approach allows organizations to bring in more distinguished faculty and more programs overall at an enormously reduced cost.

Participants interact with and learn from the world's leading management thinkers on an ongoing basis. Attendees become more effective and improve their decision-making skills.

Today, over 300 major organizations worldwide, including many from the Fortune 500 list, utilize IMS as a key component of their overall development strategy. Over 10,000 people attend IMS programs each year.

Membership Includes


One day programs that provide maximum impact with minimum time investment


Direct access and exposure to world-class business school faculty and practitioners, distinguished for their contributions to management practice and theory


Monthly programs offer continuous learning and development opportunities


Members shape regional curriculum and provide direct input on programs and faculty selection


Local programs reduce travel and time costs


IMS groups are more homogenous than in public programs, maximizing peer interaction and networking opportunities across organizations


With 17 locations in the US and Canada there are nearly always monthly IMS programs nearby

Join Us

Organizations join IMS because they have developed a commitment to self education and development. IMS membership is the most affordable investment you can make for the continuous growth and development of your most important resource - your team.

Contact your local IMS Chair for more information about IMS membership.