Book by Dr. Wendy Axelrod
Book by Dr. Wendy Axelrod



Wendy Axelrod is an Executive Coach, former HR Executive, Mentor, Author and Speaker. For three decades, Wendy has supported organizations to achieve extraordinary results with their leader and professional development efforts, working directly with thousands of people. She is particularly sought out for helping mentors and leaders become exceptional at growing the talent of others. Her latest book, the best-selling "10 Steps to Successful Mentoring" provides a complete and practical guide for succeeding with mentoring relationships, creating lasting development for both mentors and mentees. A Forbes Inc. article cites it as one of the top books to make you a better coach or mentor.

Wendy is known for conducting hands-on workshops that engage, inform, and leave participants confident to apply new practices right away. Wendy's works have appeared in SmartBriefs on Leadership; AMA's Moving Ahead, Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence, and books such as "Management Development Handbook". Her clients include Fortune 100 companies and medium-sized firms from the US and globally.

Wendy is the volunteer creator and moving force behind a renowned mentoring program, begun in 2002, and has curated hundreds of mentor stories about their experiences. She has enjoyed formally mentoring dozens of women and men. Wendy has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and advanced certifications from Columbia University and Conversational Intelligence.

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