Book by Dr. Matthew Kutz
Book by Dr. Matthew Kutz


IMS Educator Matthew Kutz, Ph.D. is an expert and pioneer in the area of three-dimensional (3D) leadership as it relates to decision-making and disruptive change. His unique 3D Thinking Framework helps leaders navigate complexity and deliver results. Complexity impacts organizational leaders, their decisions and strategies, and requires a specific fluid leadership skillset for success in today's rapid and dynamic work environment. Dr. Kutz, part of the IMS Family of Educators, is the award-winning author of Contextual Intelligence: How to Think in 3D, as well as the author of four other books and numerous journal articles. He is also an award-winning educator and award-winning researcher. He has worked with elite athletes and several Olympic Committees throughout the world and multiple Fortune 500 and multinational corporations on leadership and Contextual Intelligence. Matt is a U.S. Department of State Fulbright Scholar and a Visiting Research Fellow at Griffith University's Graduate Program. Dr. Kutz earned his Ph.D. in global leadership and corporate management and is a full professor at Bowling Green State University.
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