Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., is an international keynote speaker, author, and leadership presence coach. She helps executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, and salespeople enhance their impact and influence skills for greater career success. Carol's clients include over 300 organizations in 27 countries. Her programs for women leaders have been presented at events that include European Women in Technology, Amazon, Women@Google, Expedia's Global Women's Conference, Executive Women's Forum, Stanford University, Women in Agriculture, Canada, Women Influence Community Forum in France, and Women's Leadership Conference, Trinidad.

Carol is a leadership blogger for Forbes, the creator of LinkedIn Learning's most popular video course - with over 2 million views - Body Language for Leaders, and the author of twelve business books, including The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help - or Hurt - How You Lead. She has been cited as an authority in media such as Industry Week, Investors Business Daily, CNN's Business Unusual, PBS Marketplace, the Washington Post's On Leadership column, MarketWatch radio, and the NBC Nightly News. Carol has served as adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy University in the International MBA program, at the University of California in the Executive Education Department, and for the Chamber of Commerce of the United States at their Institutes for Organization Management.



Leadership presence is that illusive quality that sets you up for the next promotion and gives your career an extra boost. It's a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that when combined, sends all the right signals. Itís how you show up and contribute in meetings. It's projecting confidence and poise under pressure. It's presenting your ideas decisively, assertively, and succinctly. It's engaging others in ways that are authentic, empathetic and motivational. Itís optimizing the impact of body language in ways that make others evaluate you as a leader. It's networking and self-promotion without being perceived as pushy or arrogant. It's the ability to bring your authentic charismatic self into every encounter.

That's what it is. Here is what leadership presence is not:

  1. It's not an attribute that is automatically assigned to you because of your merit.
  2. It's not necessarily reflective of your true qualities and potential.

Instead, leadership presence is the link between merit/potential and success - and it depends entirely on how other people evaluate you. The key to developing leadership presence is to realize that it is all about impression management. As one successful leader told me: "You need to show up each day the way you want to be perceived - which is simple to say, but difficult to accomplish unless you do your homework and really know yourself."

Backed by neuroscience and based on research from Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, MIT Media Lab, and Columbia School of Business, this engaging and highly interactive session gives participants tips, tools and strategies they can put into action immediately.

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