with Hal Elrod
March 06, 2025, 12 PM - 1 PM Eastern Time
11 AM - 12 PM Central Time
9 AM - 10 AM Pacific Time
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Book by Hal Elrod



Hal Elrod's "The Miracle Morning" is a riveting journey into the transformative power of intentional morning routines. With charisma and insight, Hal captivates audiences as he shares his personal story of overcoming adversity and achieving extraordinary success through the simple yet profound practice of starting each day with purpose. Drawing from his bestselling book The Miracle Morning, Hal presents a compelling framework known as the "SAVERS" method, which outlines six key practices including silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing.

Hal's message from "The Miracle Morning" offers a captivating blend of motivational storytelling and actionable strategies, leaving a lasting impact on all who attend. Whether seeking to boost productivity, enhance well-being, or achieve ambitious goals, attendees are equipped with the tools and mindset needed to create meaningful change in their lives. Through Hal's guidance, audiences discover that the key to unlocking their potential lies in the simple yet profound act of mastering their mornings.



First and foremost, Hal Elrod is a family man. He is a loyal husband to his wife of 13 years, and a dedicated father to their two children.

When he's not with his family, he is sharing his message as an author and keynote speaker. After surviving multiple near-death experiences and impacting millions of people through his books and speeches, Hal's mission is to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one morning at a time.

As the author of 12 books, most notably, The Miracle Morning-which is translated into 37 languages and has sold over 2.5 million copies-he is doing exactly that. He's also appeared on The Today Show, he's been featured in SUCCESS Magazine, and written for

His latest project is The Miracle Morning Movie-a documentary that shows you how millions of people are transforming their lives, by simply changing how they start their day.

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Field of Study: Personal Development
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