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Mentoring Magnetism: Essential Skills to Develop Yourself, Retain Talent, and Drive Business Priorities
with Ann Tardy

Date: September 12, 2017
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Springfield Country Club
400 West Sproul Rd., Springfield, PA 19064
(610) 690-7600
Session Description
The secret to accelerating success lies in the caliber of mentoring and championing we seek and we offer. We cannot ignore the power of mentoring to develop and prepare us to thrive and contribute regardless of the title we hold. A staggering 94% of people credit mentoring as the key to their career success. In this session we will look at the best (and worst) practices for being mentored and for mentoring others. Whether our participation is formal, informal, structured or unstructured, whether we are the mentor or the mentee, the champion or the championed, the sponsor or the sponsored, this robust tool is always ready to serve. We all own our own success and so we must own our own development. It’s time to accelerate our success and the success of others by discovering the power of mentoring.

As a former Silicon Valley corporate attorney and a current CEO, Ann knows people from many dynamics. Working alongside some of the best and brightest lawyers, entrepreneurs, VCs, and business owners, Ann incorporated companies, negotiated mergers, managed venture-backed financings, and held the hands of many anxious CEOs, and loved it. She then started her own law firm representing over 75 entrepreneurs, grew it until her CEOs became friends, and then sold it to a larger firm that continues to represent entrepreneurs and start-ups nationwide.  In 2003 Ann followed her passion to work with leaders and launched LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership to transform corporate America by transforming where and how people lead. Her programs, books and speeches are loved by clients such as Kaiser Permanente, Duke Energy, Macy’s, and Southern California Edison.  As a speaker and author, Ann prepares people to execute powerfully in ever-changing environments. From keynotes to executive retreats, Ann influences audiences with her experiences and her 25 years of leadership. She is the author of four books:  Ambition on a Mission (2007), Moxie for Managers (2011), Why Mentoring Matters (2013), and The Joy of Mentoring (2015). They have become popular books for companies that are committed to creating strong leaders and strong cultures in this fiercely competitive marketplace.
Time Allocation - Topics
20%        Redefining Mentoring
  • Understanding how mentoring works (and when it doesn’t) 
  • The 9 stages of the mentoring process 
  • The 6 challenges of mentoring 
  • The 3 elements of effective mentoring relationships and programs 
30%         Being Mentored
  • Why being mentored is essential to our development 
  • Establishing mentoring goals to prepare for success 
  • When to create each of the 5 mentoring conversations 
  • What to expect (and request) from mentors and yourself 
30%         Mentoring Others
  • Why mentoring others is critical to our development as leaders 
  • The 5 questions that drive every mentoring conversation 
  • Accelerating trust as the foundation of any mentoring relationship 
  • Creating accountability with mentor feedback 
  • Mentoring boundaries and red flags 
10%         Mentoring to Drive Managerial Leadership
  • Leveraging mentoring as a team development tool 
  • How to use mentoring to supplement training and coaching 
10% Mentoring to Drive Organizational Objectives
  • The 7 steps to creating a strategic mentoring program 
  • Using mentoring to circulate workforce intelligence and elevate the effectiveness of on-boarding, engagement, retention, leadership development, career development, diversity, and succession planning
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