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The Power of Personal Accountability: Overcoming Obstacles and Owning Your Success
with Mark Samuel

Date: July 27, 2017
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
The Country Club of Roswell
2500 Club Springs Dr, Roswell GA 30076-3738
(770) 475-7800
Session Description
Increasing personal effectiveness is a requirement for dealing with the demands of our workplace and our desire for work-life balance. During this workshop, you will explore practical applications for increasing personal, team and organizational accountability. Specific skills in asking accountable questions, accountable delegation, and creating accountable agreements will be practiced. Finally, you will apply 3 keys for sustaining accountability during projects and change efforts including the development of "recovery plans", a process for holding others accountable and a technique for overcoming the "wall of fear" for leading change. You will create an inspiring and practical Personal Vision of Excellence for achieving their personal and professional goals.

Mr. Mark Samuel, President and Founder of IMPAQ, is considered a practical visionary by Fortune 500 companies. His Leadership Accountability Systems and training has contributed to achieving breakthrough measurable improvements in organizational performance and rapid culture change. Mr. Samuel is the author of Creating the Accountable Organization and Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability. He has been featured in Fortune magazine, Bloomberg, and CNBC as a top authority on the topic of Accountability. He is an award-winning speaker who moves audiences to effective action with engaging presentations that are inspirational, humorous, interactive, and thought provoking. Mr. Samuel’s consulting clients include Genentech/Roche Pharmaceuticals, Chevron Corp., Honda Motor, Amgen, Kaiser Permanente, Michelin in France, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Texas Instruments, Habitat for Humanity International, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the University of California, Berkeley.
Time Allocation - Topics
20% Fundamentals of Personal Accountability
  • 6 Qualities for Accountable Leadership
  • Defining Personal, Team and Organizational Accountability
  • Activity to Demonstrate Shared Ownership and Accountability
  • The Personal Accountability Model
  • Activity to Experience Victim and Accountable Behaviors
30% Taking Ownership for Your Success
  • Barriers to Being Accountable – What Pushes Your Buttons?
  • Coaching Strategies for Personal Growth and Improvement
  • Increasing Your Influence through Cross-Functional Accountability
  • 5 Steps for Leading Individual, Team and Organizational Change
  • Applying the 5 Steps for Leading Change to a Real Workplace Challenge
  • Developing Recovery Plans to Ensure Success
  • Developing Accountable Customer Relationships
30% Creating Accountable Agreements and Holding Others Accountable
  • 5 Steps to Creating Accountable Delegation and Agreements
  • Activity to Practice Establishing Accountable Agreements
  • Four Common Breakdowns to Holding Others Accountable
  • 4 Steps to Holding Others Accountable in a Supportive Manner
  • Activity to Practice Holding Others Accountable
15% Taking Action to Achieve Breakthrough Results
  • Managing the Three Zones of Change: Comfort, Punishment and Safety
  • Overcoming the “Wall of Fear”
  • Developing Your Personal Accountability Action Plan and Recovery Plan
  • Identifying Your Accountable Support System
  • Developing Your Personal Vision of Excellence
  • Optimizing Your Personal Vision of Excellence to Address Challenges and Change
5% Sustaining Success
  • The Transition from Intention to Commitment
  • Being Accountable for Success – Practical Celebration
Guide to Participant Selection
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Senior Executive
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Senior Managers
(Div & Reg. Mgrs)
Middle Managers
& Superintendents
Personal and team accountability, joint accountability, alignment, communication, growth and development, seeing the difficult challenges, greater personal and team ownership.
Personal development through feedback, personal initiative
Self-esteem, personal pride of ownership

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