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Lead through Influence: Increasing Your Leadership Effectiveness
with Joel Garfinkle

Date: November 16, 2017
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Hotel Nikko San Francisco
222 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 394-1111
Session Description
In this session, top executive coach and author Joel Garfinkle reveals his signature PVI model—Perception, Visibility, and Influence. These three powerful attributes produce valued employees and in-demand leaders capable of influencing decisions at every level of the organization.   The two pillars that support influence are perception and visibility; influence can't happen unless you have improved your perception and increased your visibility. Once you've established the appropriate level of perception, you will have gained a solid reputation and foundation of respect. After you've increased your visibility, you'll become known and valued in your company. Influence is now possible.   Employees who fully leverage the PVI Model unlock their talent, become more visible, and create a culture of increased productivity and contribution. Employers directly benefit from an energized and engaged workforce that establishes crucial competitive advantage.   Through practical advice, true-to-life examples, and action-oriented tips, audience members will learn how to improve the perceptions others have of them, increase their profile across the organization, and exert influence by driving change and inspiring people.

Joel Garfinkle is recognized as one of the top 50 executive coaches in the U.S., having worked with many of the world’s leading companies. His clientele comprises a distinguished and diverse international client base, including Oracle, Google, Amazon, Deloitte, Ritz-Carlton, Bank of America, Starbucks, and many others.  He has 18 years of first-hand experience working closely with thousands of executives, senior managers, directors and employees.He is the author of 8 books and over 300 articles on leadership. Along with his 8 books, he has contributed to the book The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching (John Wiley and Sons) and Leader to Leader – the award-winning quarterly journal launched by the Peter F. Drucker Foundation. He is regularly featured in the national media, including ABC News, NPR, the New York Times, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek. He has delivered more than one thousand workshops, speeches, and keynote addresses.Mr. Garfinkle’s background includes working as a consultant for two of the top consulting firms in the world: Ernst & Young in Hong Kong and Accenture in San Francisco. His background in executive coaching, performance improvement, and change management equips him to help senior executives, vice-presidents, senior managers and directors achieve results quickly and effectively.As an executive coach, Mr. Garfinkle has helped (1) a director develop an executive plan with phased objectives that will generate more than $60 million in new revenue over the next 12 months; (2) the Senior Vice President of a medium-sized company create and execute a six-month plan that resulted in fast tracking to the CEO position; (3) an executive transition from managing a twenty people to becoming the highly respected leader of 150 employees; (4) a regional director generate $800,000 in cost savings and $4 million in increased revenue while decreasing expenses by $1.5 million; and (5) a mid-level manager advance to VP in just four months.
Time Allocation - Topics

20% STEP 1 – POWER OF PERCEPTION: You will learn how to create the right image by taking control of how others see you, so that their perception accurately reflects your impact on the organization.

  • The power of perception. Evaluate how you are perceived and change that perception, if necessary. Understand what is perception? How does perception work? Why is perception important?
  • The seven different factors that directly affect how others perceive you. Cultural differences, personality traits, type of family in which you grew up, location of your upbringing (as well as where you currently live), challenges that women face in the workplace, level of social skills you display and the friends with whom you engage and spend time.
  • The four-step perception management process.
    1. How you think you are perceived.
    2. How you actually are perceived.
    3. How you want to be perceived.
    4. How you change perception.
30% STEP 2 – BE VISIBLE AND RAISE YOUR PROFILE:You will learn how to increase your profile across the organization and among top management by standing out and getting noticed.
  • The progression of visibility. So how does the process of becoming visible actually occur? How does someone go from just barely being noticed inside an organization to actually being valued and having impact?
  • The three-step promotion plan. Self-promotion, promoting others and having others promote you. • There are seven types of people who can become an advocate for you. These are people working above you, your boss’s boss, your immediate boss, your peers, people below you, your clients or customers, and vendors, suppliers, and product development partners.
  • Learn the eight-step process to create advocates. Make yourself visible, demonstrate your value, find advocates, ask them to advocate for you, explain why you need an advocate, show the benefit for the advocate, create a one-sheet talking point for the advocate, and follow up to make sure advocates are promoting you.
  • The seven ways to gain visibility and raise your profile. Seek out projects, leverage your manager, gain face time with top executives, find cross-departmental opportunities, become involved outside your job, speak up and share and become known and recognized.
50% STEP 3 – LEAD THROUGH INFLUENCE: You will learn how to leverage your influence to alter and improve situations, regardless of your position or level of authority.
  • The importance of influence. What is influence? Why is influence important? Evaluate your current influence ability.
  • How influence affects three stages of your career? Depending on where you are in your career (individual contributor, manager or leader), you will need and apply influence differently.
  • How to become influential right now. 10 quick ideas on how to become influential in order for you to take action and start moving your career in this direction.
  • The three ways to influence. Become a master influencer who understands the needs of the leaders above you, empowers subordinates, and builds relationships with your peers.
  • The five ways to be influential. Solid reputation, enhanced skill-set, executive presence, superior likeability and power to persuade.
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