with Bill Williams
December 05, 2024, 11 AM - 2 PM Eastern Time
10 AM - 1 PM Central Time
8 AM - 11 AM Pacific Time
$395 (US) per person

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of the day and wondering when you're going to get all your 'stuff' done?

  • 82% of people do not have a dedicated time management system
  • 33% of people use a "To Do" list to manage their time and tasks
  • On average, people waste 1.5 hours (91 minutes) each day on tasks and meetings that aren't important to their role

Bill G. Williams will deliver a high energy, 3-hour workshop that will allow you to own your time.

Do you know what's truly important to you? You certainly know what's urgent. Understand the difference between urgent and important.

Learn the most successful time management strategy, the Eisenhower Matrix. 50% of people who use it feel their work is under control every day, The other 50% of people who use it feel their work is under control 4 days of the week. You'll also learn how to stay out of the 'Bermuda Triangle' of the time matrix and where you should be spending your time.

Follow your 'North Star'!



He's called "Electric Bill" for a reason. Bill Williams is on a mission to shock us out of our static daily routines. He is known for his unique brand of electrified methodologies for the workplace, now available to you in electric Life.

Bill's honest, succinct, and enthusiastic approach to leadership has inspired and reshaped countless national organizations over the span of thirty years. Whether coaching an individual over Zoom, or speaking to rooms of more than a thousand delegates, Bill's impact is equally felt. His power comes from hearing "No" and reformulating it as "Not Yet."

Bill is the CEO of the boutique leadership development firm, The B4 Group Inc, and the host and brand ambassador for The Art of Leadership Signature Summit / The Art of Leadership Women. Bill caters his solution-based strategies to individuals and corporations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.


  • How to determine what’s truly important to you versus what’s urgent
  • Where you are spending time in the Time Matrix and where you should be spending your time
  • How to define your North Star to be most productive and get the important results you need
  • How to plan weekly and act daily


How to define what's important to you and be self-ful
How to avoid The Quadrant of Deception and avoid urgency
How to apply the Eisenhower Matrix and Time Matrix to analyse where you are spending your time versus where you should be spending your time
Ways to live above the line to ensure most everything you do is important to you
How to respectfully teach people how to treat you
Determine what the points are on your North Star and how to prioritize your most important relationships in your weekly plan
How to execute on your highest priorities daily so you feel proud of your accomplishments
How to STOP burning out and START burning brightly
How to leave work with more energy than you arrived with

Program Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Delivery Method: Group Internet Based (Zoom platform)
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Participants will earn 3 CPE credits or 3 PDC credits
Field of Study: Personal Development
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