with Dr. Kathy Pearson
December 13, 2022
11 AM - 2 PM Eastern Time
10 AM - 1 PM Central Time
8 AM - 11 AM Pacific Time
$395 (US) per person

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In this program, you will learn how to increase the quality of your decision-making and those of your team, even in volatile, uncertain, complex and uncertain environments, as you work through engaging case studies and current corporate examples, to understand how to apply this knowledge in the 'real world'.

Dr. Pearson illustrates these concepts through captivating stories that use real-world events and history. Strategic outcomes are dependent on two levers: leadership skills and the ability to manage uncertainty. This program focuses on developing your decision-making skills while managing uncertainty. Remember it is not about your ability to predict, it's about your ability to manage the uncertainties!

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Kathy's style is high energy, practical and application focused. You will leave with specific tools that can be used on a daily basis.
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Dr. Kathy Pearson is a strategist, systems thinking expert, and authority in decision making. She is also an award-winning educator who works extensively with mid-to senior-level executives, including high potentials and executive teams. Kathy works closely with Executive Education groups including the Wharton School, Duke CE, Smith College, and the Institute for Management Studies, as well as directly with global organizations. Kathy teaches on a variety of topics including Critical Thinking, Strategic Agility, Change Management and Strategic Execution.

Dr. Pearson works with executives spans a wide variety of industries and geographies, including health care and life sciences, financial and professional services, technology, consumer products, energy, aerospace and defense, and manufacturing. Her client list includes organizations as diverse as Bank of America, Cardinal Health, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Council for Advancement and Support of Education, Federal Reserve Bank, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Heineken, Juniper, Lincoln Financial Group, Lundbeck, Microsoft, Merck, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Schneider Electric, Temasek Management Academy, University of Pennsylvania Health System (Penn Medicine), and the World Bank.

She is the co-author of The Perceptive Leader: A Handbook for Leading in an Environment of Uncertainty. She received her B.S. degree in theoretical mathematics from Auburn University, her M.S. degree in Decision Sciences from Georgia State University, and her Ph.D. in industrial engineering from Northwestern University.


  • How to improve your decision-making with uncertainty
  • Building critical thinking capability individually and throughout the organization
  • Leading through uncertainty and developing your strategic agility
  • Executing more successfully on business strategy



General Framework for Meeting Organizational Objectives

  • Results - tangible outcomes that are "value-focused"
  • Defining customers and customer value
  • Process - how to achieve results
  • Enterprise Mindset
  • Defining the enterprise
  • Cultural Enablers
  • Defining the overarching culture

Introduction to the Decision Making Foundation

  • Data analytics
  • Judgment
  • Critical thinking
  • Individual decision style

Achieving Short-Term Organizational Objectives

  • Important elements of execution
  • Clarity of frames
  • Short-term agility
  • Unity
  • Role of data analytics
  • Continuous improvement
  • Empowerment
  • Alignment of incentives
  • Accountability
  • Prioritization of objectives

Achieving Long-Term Organizational Objectives

  • Move from prediction to managing variability and ambiguity
  • Judgment and critical thinking
  • Diversity of thought
  • Broader frames
  • The learning culture
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Adaptability
  • Continuous scanning
  • Knowledge management
  • Sharing across the enterprise


  • Case study
  • The short-term / long-term balance

Delivery Method: Group Internet Based (Zoom platform)
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Participants will earn 3 CPE credits or 3 PDC credits
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