with Deborah Grayson Riegel
November 30, 2021
11 AM - 2 PM Eastern Time
$395 (US) per person

Book by Deborah Grayson Riegel
Book by Deborah Grayson Riegel



Being a successful leader requires having conversations that are difficult, not to mention important, awkward, tricky, meaningful, and powerful. The goal isnít to avoid these conversations; it's to find ways to have these conversations effectively. This program will provide you with proven strategies to excel at the top three communication challenges leaders face every day. Learn how to:

  • Build a culture of trust to boost productivity, collaboration, retention, and job satisfaction
  • Navigate conflict and tricky conversations effectively
  • Deliver challenging feedback with confidence, candor and grace

This workshop gives leaders simple, direct ways to see conflict and resistance as opportunities for communication and growth. Participants will develop the skills required to prepare for and have difficult conversations, manage different perspectives, identify and reduce resistance, and create shared solutions with greater confidence and speed.

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Deborah is a highly enthusiastic educator. If you are in her program, you will be touched as soon as Deb starts to present to you, and be totally moved by her passion, professional knowledge, and facilitation skills.
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Deborah Riegel is an instructor of Management Communication at the Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania and partners with both Columbia Business School and Duke Corporate Education as an educator and coach for their custom leadership development programs. She has also served as a Visiting Professor of Executive Communications at the Beijing International MBA Program at Peking University, China, where she prepares senior leaders from around the world to communicate more effectively in a growing global marketplace.

Deborah works with clients like Amazon, Bloomberg, Kraft Heinz, and PepsiCo focuses on helping leaders and teams improve their interpersonal communication and presentation skills. She has been a featured expert and contributor to publications including Forbes, Psychology Today, Fast Company, and the Harvard Business Review, Inc.



Creating a culture of trust to boost productivity, collaboration and retention

Navigating conflict and tricky conversations

Giving effective feedback

Delivery Method: Group Internet Based (Zoom platform)
Prerequisites: None
Program Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Advanced Preparation: None
Participants will earn 3.5 CPE credits and 3 PDC credits
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