with Dr. Graeme Codrington
October 24, 2024, 11 AM - 2 PM Eastern Time
10 AM - 1 PM Central Time
8 AM - 11 AM Pacific Time
$395 (US) per person

Book by Dr. Graeme Codrington
Book by Dr. Graeme Codrington



The ability to make good decisions when faced with complex problems is a skill that will help you get noticed and get ahead. But a challenging truth is that the further you progress in your career, the bigger and more ambiguous the problems you face will become. Invest your time in this program to learn advanced critical thinking strategies which will enable your continued success.

This program is designed to help you master proven critical thinking techniques so that you can be more confident making decisions and engaging in strategic discussions. Learn to recognize cognitive biases which often result in poor decisions, examine how to evaluate data used for decision making and practice powerful questioning techniques. The course is filled with thought-provoking exercises and real-life scenarios, providing you with the tools to tackle any critical thinking challenge with confidence and clarity.

After this program you will be better equipped to tackle complex problems and make informed decisions, improving your effectiveness and contributions to your organization.



Dr. Graeme Codrington is an expert on the new world of work. He is an author, futurist, facilitator and consultant working across multiple industries and sectors who blends cutting-edge research and thought-leading insights that help organizations understand the forces that are helping to redefine the rest of the 2020s. He is also the author of 6 best-selling books including Leading in a Changing World: Lessons for Future Focused Leaders. Dr. Codrington has been a guest lecturer at some of the top business schools in the world such as the London School of Economics and Duke University.


  • The components of critical thinking including analysis, evaluation, inference, and interpretation.
  • Identify common barriers to critical thinking, specifically key cognitive biases and standard errors, and discover strategies to overcome them.
  • Ensure you have the correct information, take all factors into account, deal with complexity, overcome common barriers to good decision-making, and assess risks correctly.



Part 1: Introduction to Critical Thinking

  • Learn how to apply the components of critical thinking, such as analysis, evaluation, inference, and interpretation in your daily work
  • Identify barriers to critical thinking, specifically key cognitive biases and common errors, and discuss strategies to overcome them

Part 2: Applying Critical Thinking to Decision Making

  • Discover how to apply critical thinking to decision making, choosing the right approach for different scenarios
  • Understand the steps required to ensure you have the right information and strategies for handling complexity
  • Learn how to evaluate alternatives, assess risks, and make sound decisions that you can explain to others

Part 3: Critical Thinking for Strategic Planning

  • Learn how to apply critical thinking to strategic planning, and apply a future-focused mindset to your thinking and work

Program Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Delivery Method: Group Internet Based (Zoom platform)
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Participants will earn 3 CPE credits or 3 PDC credits
Field of Study: Personal Development
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