Leading AND Managing:
7 Strategies to Help You Excel at Both
August 24, 2017 with Ms. Ann Tardy
This session will explore the essential strategies and techniques required to powerfully lead and manage simultaneously from the same role. Being a manager is one of the most arduous and yet most valuable roles in any organization. The challenge lies in dealing with the expectations of those above and below you while also contributing to people's success around you. When you master this, you will discover how to impact any organization from the middle. You will leave this class with the skills needed to powerfully evolve into a successful Manager. 
Dignity & Respect:
The 7 Pillars of the Engaged and Sustainable Organization
September 12, 2017 with Ms. Candi Castleberry Singleton
Focused on our mission to make our world a better a place for ALL to live, work, learn, and play—with ALL of our differences, this program will help individuals work together more effectively. Topics to be discussed include: 1) Understanding how you see yourself, how others see you, and how your filters guide you. 2) Understanding intent vs. impact, and be responsible for your words and actions. 3) Interacting with others in a culturally appropriate manner. 4) Working through differences and gain agreement while maintaining dignity and respect. 5) Building trust, limit bias and favoritism, and strive for the best organizational outcomes. 6)...
Strategic Leadership:
Aligning the Perspectives That Drive Performance
October 4, 2017 with Dr. Albert Vicere
Today's leaders are faced with a daunting challenge: maintaining performance and profitability while at the same time evolving their organizations to accommodate the new structures and technologies demanded by the networked economy. This highly interactive workshop will help leaders to assess their personal readiness - and that of their organization - to take advantage of the opportunities presented in today's unprecedented environment of change and innovation.
Speak To Be Heard!™:
Influencing Others to Take Action
October 18, 2017 with Ms. Stacey Hanke
Stacey Hanke will help you eliminate the static that plagues communicative delivery - to persuade, sell your ideas, motivate and influence others to act on what you have to say.  She will explain the positive actions you can take to increase your impact and value to your peers, clients and teams. This highly interactive session will show you how to immediately implement the influence skills and techniques you learn to your day-to-day conversations. (NOTE: Participants should bring a smartphone or iPad with them to the session.)
Dealing with Difficult People:
Bringing Out the Best in Others
November 15, 2017 with Dr. Richard Brinkman
Dr. Brinkman says, “Communication is like a phone number, you need all the correct digits and in the right order.” Dr. Rick will share his proven strategies to handle: Whining, Negativity, Attacks, Tantrums, Snipers, Know-it-Alls, Think-They- Know-it-Alls, as well as Yes, Maybe and Nothing people.  The examples and practical skills in this seminar will immediately transform behaviors that used to strain all relationships, both business and personal! It will even include special contexts like email communications, phone and meetings. 
Effective Coaching Skills for Busy Managers
December 5, 2017 with Dr. Tim Ursiny
In this highly interactive program participants will: (1) Learn how to create ownership and urgency from those they lead; (2) practice specific coaching skills and tools to bring out the best in others; (3) learn keys and a format to managing their coaching time; (4) explore a 12-minute coaching model that creates positive accountability and results; (5) coach each other on real issues that impact their business; (6) work with specific tools to help blocked or stuck employees; and (7) learn how to coach different personalities on their team....

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