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Global Leadership and Coaching for Performance, Creativity, Fulfilment and Meaning
May 15, 2017 with Mr. Philippe Rosinski
Global leaders engage their workforce, unleash human potential, and elicit sustainable high performance, enabling organizations to thrive in today`s global arena. They are able to build unity in diversity and to navigate across disciplines. They achieve superior business results while pursuing a higher purpose that includes social and environmental goals. Global leaders are innovative in meeting society`s needs. In this seminar, participants will learn about a novel integrated leadership development approach that calls upon multiple perspectives (physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural and spiritual) to achieve sustainable...
When Leaders Speak:
How to Get Heard, Get Remembered and Get Results
June 16, 2017 with Mr. Paul Hellman
Sharpen your leadership communication—and boost your career—with 3 strategies: 1) focus, 2) variety, 3) executive presence. With focus, you`ll make your messages stick, using the methodology Paul uses with leadership teams & individual executives. Variety means to be slightly different. With variety, you`ll make routine info. come alive, and you`ll engage others with smart questions. Presence matters because part of the message is you. Strengthen your presence with 10 actions. Learn how to get heard, get remembered & get results—every time you speak.
Taking Charge:
Developing Your Self-Management Techniques
July 4, 2017 with Dr. Alan Zimmerman
Many managers feel the need for more control in their lives. They talk about things they want to do, the importance of personal growth and professional development, the importance of balancing work and family, but they don't have a system for achieving these goals. This workshop introduces a unique self-management program that helps managers achieve greater success than ever before. Managers learn how to overcome limiting attitudes, release their potential, and develop success-generating habits.
Relationship Management:
Ten Skills Leaders Need to Get the Best From Others
August 21, 2017 with Dr. John Daly
What does it take to get the best performance out of people today? Personal Relationships! No longer can you just tell people what to do. Instead, you must informally seek and build commitment among your team members to do their best. In this session you’ll discover new, research-based, techniques, which will help you do that. We’ll learn how successful leaders shape their work environments to achieve optimal performance, get others to feel proud of their work, show they value others’ contributions in surprising ways, offer feedback that really helps, cope with the natural frictions that arise when people work together, and create a...
Driving Innovation from Within:
Strategies for Generating Ideas and Pursuing New Opportunities
September 11, 2017 with Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff
In this seminar, Dr. Krippendorff outlines how to overcome seven key barriers to driving innovation from inside of large corporations. Based on his upcoming book Change the World without Quitting your Job, his latest research involving more than 120 interviews with internal innovators, experts, and CEOs, and his analysis of the most transformative innovations of the last three decades, Dr. Krippendorff lays out a set of practical tools and frameworks for navigating the innovation journey. These include knowing what kinds of ideas your organization needs, navigating politics, securing funding, and scaling your idea. He draws from real-life...
Influence to Impact:
Leveraging Interpersonal Power for Women Leaders
October 9, 2017 with Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Influence is a crucial competency that enables leaders to succeed in the global marketplace. This program is a highly interactive, leadership development workshop for women. In this course women come to understand the three levels of power involved in influencing, they discover their I2I (Influence to Impact) influence profile, they are taught the power of language and the role gender plays in organizational influence, they are taught to use dialogue as an influence tool, and are taught the secrets of leveraging the hidden power of the organization....
Influence and Action:
The Core of Leadership
November 17, 2017 with Dr. Robert Bies
As a leader, you will be expected to influence others, including your team, your superiors, and managers in different departments, as you build support for change and implement new programs. This seminar will examine the qualities and skills of leaders who get "extraordinary" things done under tight time and resource constraints. We will discuss how to get people to embrace change, how to build trust and credibility, how to manage the politics of relationships, and how to inspire those around you to follow your lead.
The One Day MBA:
The Tools You Need for World-Class Performance
December 4, 2017 with Dr. Noah Barsky
All managers need a broad perspective to effectively deal with the complex challenges they face daily. To develop this skill, this one-day seminar presents many of the tools and techniques found in MBA programs today. Specifically, participants will examine how basic business processes drive financial results, learn how effective risk management can improve business planning and decision making, and explore how financial and non-financial measures can best be used to evaluate operating results.

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