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The Key to Effective Relationships and Performance
November 16, 2017 with Mr. Shay McConnon
The greatest source of inefficiency for most organizations lies in working relationships – conflict, mistrust and misunderstanding. Tolerating relationship dysfunction does not make good business sense. Collaboration is an essential ingredient for successful performance in the modern business environment. Good leaders create a collaborative environment where people choose to participate and commit, leading to engagement, innovation, performance, and organizational effectiveness. This session will provide a step by step process to nurture and develop collaboration within teams, departments and functions within your organization. Delegates...
Leading vs Managing:
Knowing the Difference Is Your Key to Success
December 5, 2017 with Mr. Paul Bridle
Effective leaders empower people in a way that prompts them to take ownership for their role and responsibility for their actions. Leaders also know what they need to do to get people to respond to them. What do successful organizations do to create in their people the ability to take ownership? How do leaders move from managing to leading so that people will follow? This session will not only give an insight into what successful organizations do, but will give practical tips on how to achieve it.
Developing Your Strategic Intelligence:
Your Future Depends on It
January 17, 2018 with Dr. Graeme Codrington
Based on detailed research into macro-economic, political and social trends, this program will improve your understanding of the forces that are reshaping your industry's landscape and your personal world. We shall focus on five key disruptive forces that are going to change the way we live and work in the next decade. As an attendee you will also gain confidence in your ability to identify key areas of change in your own world and career, and be equipped to contribute to the strategic success of your team and your organization.
How to Lead in a Complex, Global Environment
February 6, 2018 with Mr. Lars Sudmann
The world of business and work has changed: business is volatile and complex; teams and organizations are often hyper-connected and dispersed. Global work from everywhere becomes a norm. Many business professionals struggle at times with how to optimally work and lead in such an environment, especially with how to create an engaging and effective work environment. The session tackles key practical management tools in a highly actionable and engaging manner....
Becoming the Leader that Others Want to Follow:
Essential Skills for Building Engagement, Teamwork, and Results
March 22, 2018 with Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed
Leaders are challenged to not only recruit and select top talent but also to retain their best in an environment of uncertainty and change. As 'A players' search for the best companies - and continually hone their resumes - a key strategy to retain them is to fully engage them. This session will share the state of engagement in today`s workplaces including how each generation views work and their place in it. Strategies and techniques will include enhancing your leadership acumen, building effective and trusting teams, engaging all generations of employees by understanding their needs and maintaining your personal resilience to be the very...

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