SNAP Message System

SNAP system

SNAP is a user-friendly, menu driven, Learning Management System (LMS) specifically designed to give you the tools to outsource your IMS administrative activities while retaining complete control.

The Institute also provides its members this robust internet LMS at no additional cost and it is designed specifically for IMS members.

For those members who use the system it virtually eliminates using internal resources as the system will run all aspects of informing participants monthly, supplying monthly learning video lessons, taking registrations, confirmations, reminders, and builds a comprehensive database for each member.

  • SNAP automatically updates your own (private) database that enables you to monitor and track (from anywhere in the world) any and all of your organization’s IMS activities, wherever and whenever they register… and archives it all.
  • SNAP puts you in a position to direct the means and methods of communicating IMS learning opportunities on a consistent and timely basis, completely automatically, without any loss of control.
  • SNAP allows you an infinite number of formatting choices so you can tailor them to each target group in your organization either by level of management, by function, by location, or any other grouping of your choice.
  • SNAP even gives you the option to “flag” competencies by groups.
  • SNAP makes certain that your key decision makers are never deprived of the knowledge they need to do their best simply because they “didn't know.”
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