Book by Dr. Louise Kelly
Book by Dr. Louise Kelly


Louise Kelly, PhD is a Professor of Management and Leadership at the University of La Verne. She is a nationally recognized expert on strategy and leadership and has a passion for helping people and organizations unleash their management, leadership, and innovation potential. Dr. Kelly publishes widely, and has authored five books including, A Dictionary of Strategy, Entrepreneurial Women: New Leadership and Management Models, The Psychologists Manager, and An Existential Systems Approach to Managing Organizations, as well as over 125 articles and conferences papers. Dr. Kelly has been designated an outstanding scholar by the United States government and has led executive trainings in the US and throughout the world. Dr. Kelly is fluent in French, Spanish and English. Her research on strategy and mindfulness has been written up in She has been featured in a series of videos on entrepreneurship and managing innovative teams and has been interviewed for numerous podcasts on management. She serves on a number of boards, and a global taskforce on Covid-19 organizational adaptation and has won top awards for teaching and scholarship throughout her career.
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