Mr. Bob Treadway is a globally-praised advisor on forecasting, strategy, and leadership development who believes that foresight and anticipation strongly enhance a leaderís effectiveness and value. Heís served as top-rated leadership faculty for industry programs in financial services, agriculture, food, information security, and government. Eight US and Canadian universities and colleges have invited him to serve as guest lecturer and adjunct faculty. Clients like Berkshire Hathaway, Motorola, Hilton, the Federal Reserve, Gillette, ExxonMobil, American Express, Syngenta, US Gypsum, and the National League of Cities retain Mr. Treadway to help them develop long-ranged thinking, forecast the environments of tomorrow, form robust strategy, and take action on what`s ahead. Most of his practice is executive sessions with governance and top management in think tank, brainstorming, future visioning, decision-making, and strategic planning projects. Heís advised trade negotiators on the long term future, financial examiners on how to evaluate strategy, telecommunications companies on the uses for unlimited broadband, and wealthy foundations on how to get the greatest return on their philanthropy. While he is called on to make forecasting presentations for a wide range of organizations and industries, participants often comment on the take-away, hands-on instruction that allows them to become better forecasters on their own. As one executive put it recently, "Your workshop, in just one short hour, helped the audience with HOW to think about their own businesses in the future."
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