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Jay Bennett
(617) 489-9055
October 6, 2015
Dr. John Austin
High quality decisions have always been essential for strong business performance. Yet with the increasing speed, complexity and data availability in today's competitive environment, superior decision skills are more important than ever. This workshop will help you improve your decision-making skills by offering behavioral insights into how people actually think and make decisions. It then teaches the advanced critical thinking skills and creative strategies needed to manage unfamiliar, highly complex problems or decisions that involve significant uncertainty.
October 27, 2015
Mr. Paul McGee
This is a highly practical session that will provide you with both the insight and the inspiration to influence and impact others in a wide range of professional and personal contexts. Whether it’s communicating with customers, colleagues, your boss or a community group there are ways to sabotage your message or alternatively succeed with it. Attending this seminar will help you avoid sabotaging your success and equip you with the tools required to develop your personal confidence and to present and communicate with impact and influence.
November 18, 2015
Dr. Terry Paulson
In this practical program, you'll also learn how to use timely information, sincere acknowledgement and targeted questions to influence your people's opinions and decisions. You'll explore how ego and issue stakes can help you adjust your influence strategy. Learn how to overcome resistance with appropriate and timely criticism balanced by support. You'll learn how to take a stand and confront problems in a way that builds your relationships.
December 9, 2015
Mr. Paul Bridle
Effective leaders empower people in a way that prompts them to take ownership for their role and responsibility for their actions. Leaders also know what they need to do to get people to respond to them. What do successful organizations do to create in their people the ability to take ownership? How do leaders move from managing to leading so that people will follow? This session will not only give an insight into what successful organizations do, but will give practical tips on how to achieve it.