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The SUMO Principles of Leadership
May 18, 2017 with Mr. Paul McGee
In this highly interactive and practical workshop, Mr. McGee will explore his main SUMO (Shut Up, Move On) principles and how they impact our ability to inspire others. His principles relate to any leader whose organization would benefit from taking a fresh look at the following five key areas; Change, Relationships, Attitude, Motivation and Stress. Building on his background in behavioral and social psychology, he will give us time to reflect upon our behavior and that of others and identify what hinders our effectiveness.
A Woman's Guide to Leadership:
Communication, Credibility and Power
June 13, 2017 with Dr. Audrey Nelson
This program identifies steps women can take to navigate advancement to leadership. You will receive practical advice, techniques and strategies for getting a seat at the table, as well as tips for communicating with credibility. The focus of the session will be real-life case studies, self-assessments, experiential exercises and action steps that help women transcend barriers and enhance their leadership opportunities....
The Power of Collaborative Leadership
July 18, 2017 with Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman
As more and more organizations move toward a collaborative culture, a new leadership model is emerging – one that replaces command and control with trust and inclusion. The leader’s new role is to encourage team members to see themselves as valued contributors, to help them build their knowledge base and expand their personal networks, and to motivate them to offer their ideas and perspectives in service of a common goal. Collaborative leaders understand how to create an environment in which people choose to participate and contribute. Inspiring, interactive and energizing, this session will give you the insight and skills to build...
Keeping People Motivated and Engaged in an Age of Instability
August 15, 2017 with Dr. Robert Bies
This program will focus on the key leadership skills necessary for you and your team to survive - and, yes, even thrive - in this age of instability. Specifically, this session focuses on strategies and techniques for communicating more effectively in times of change, including better ways to deliver bad news and ways to keep team performance strong in the face of adversity. We will identify motivational techniques that can sustain and energize your people - and yourself - in the most difficult of times.
Mentoring Magnetism:
Essential Skills to Develop Yourself, Retain Talent, and Drive Business Priorities
September 12, 2017 with Ms. Ann Tardy
The secret to accelerating success lies in the caliber of mentoring and championing we seek and we offer. We cannot ignore the power of mentoring to develop and prepare us to thrive and contribute regardless of the title we hold. A staggering 94% of people credit mentoring as the key to their career success. In this session we will look at the best (and worst) practices for being mentored and for mentoring others. Whether our participation is formal, informal, structured or unstructured, whether we are the mentor or the mentee, the champion or the championed, the sponsor or the sponsored, this robust tool is always ready to serve. We all own...
The Art of Listening, The Power of Speaking:
Sharpening Your Communication Edge
October 3, 2017 with Dr. Terry Paulson
In the age of empowerment, teamwork and constant change, there is no more valuable skill for leaders to develop than effective communication. In this workshop you will learn how to quickly connect with an audience, how to sell people on listening, how to keep your presentation from sounding rehearsed even when it is, and how to craft a message that gets results. You'll learn how to deal with tough audiences and how to use humor, participation and stories effectively.
Business Strategy:
Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage
October 25, 2017 with Prof. Michael Roberto
This seminar will offer key insights that enable you to view your company’s strategy and your competitor’s behavior in a whole new light. Moreover, it will provide important frameworks that can help you make decisions at all levels that build and enhance your firm’s competitive advantage. Through many case studies, you will see examples of firms that have succeeded, and others that have failed… providing key lessons for you and your organization.
The Manager’s Toolkit:
Essential Skills to Successfully Lead Others
November 14, 2017 with Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
Employees who are deservingly promoted into managerial positions because they do well in their current jobs often need additional support and better preparation if they're to successfully manage and/or lead others.This session will focus on equipping managers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage people and increase productivity in their areas of responsibility. Participants will explore basic managerial concepts, discuss common situations and challenges, and learn how to apply specific strategies and tools to successfully manage people.
Increasing Your Personal Impact:
Maximize Your Power to Influence Others
December 6, 2017 with Mr. Ty Bennett
Regardless of the type of organization you`re in, or the role you play in it, you are in the business of people. Because of that, great leadership is the driving force behind growing your business. Based on his highly-rated book, The Power of Influence, Ty Bennett shares his philosophies and tools for increasing your influence and impact as a leader. How do you become a good leader? Through influence. How do you become a great leader? By using influence and integrity to engage and inspire others.

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