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The Unspoken Language of Business:
Workplace Politics, Power and Influence
May 23, 2017 with Ms. Margaret Morford
Accomplishing the goals of any organization requires savvy employees who know how to forge alliances and avoid animosities.  In this session, participants will identify which of the rules of “positive politics” they are most likely to violate; obtain guidelines for their own conduct and for managing relationships with co-workers and their own manager; learn to avoid pitfalls in business communication, both oral and written; become adept at tapping into the power structure within an organization; explore a real-world case study that involves numerous political issues; learn how to network in order to expand their influence and recruit...
The Manager’s Toolkit:
Essential Skills to Successfully Lead Others
June 8, 2017 with Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
Employees who are deservingly promoted into managerial positions because they do well in their current jobs often need additional support and better preparation if they're to successfully manage and/or lead others.This session will focus on equipping managers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage people and increase productivity in their areas of responsibility. Participants will explore basic managerial concepts, discuss common situations and challenges, and learn how to apply specific strategies and tools to successfully manage people.
What To Do When There`s Too Much To Do
July 25, 2017 with Ms. Laura Stack
Are you tired of hearing “do more with less?” Instead, this class shows you how to be more efficient, so you can “do less to achieve more.” Using Ms. Stack’s innovative, six-step Productivity Workflow Formula (PWF), you’ll learn how to prioritize your high-value tasks, protect the time to do them, and organize around them (Ms. Stack demonstrates her methods using Microsoft Outlook). You’ll find dozens of ways to shrink your to-do list, commitments, distractions, interruptions, and inbox. Each reduction will increase your results and save you time.
Women Becoming More Powerful Leaders:
The Power of Trust
August 17, 2017 with Dr. Michelle Reina
In this workshop, women leaders will learn how to reclaim trustworthy relationships, both with themselves and others. The truth is, women are primed to develop trusting relationships: connections that inspire them to take risks and become the best versions of themselves. During the course of this workshop, women will gain the courage they need to build these relationships and make powerful strides in their leadership effectiveness.
Speak To Be Heard!™:
Influencing Others to Take Action
September 14, 2017 with Ms. Stacey Hanke
Stacey Hanke will help you eliminate the static that plagues communicative delivery - to persuade, sell your ideas, motivate and influence others to act on what you have to say.  She will explain the positive actions you can take to increase your impact and value to your peers, clients and teams. This highly interactive session will show you how to immediately implement the influence skills and techniques you learn to your day-to-day conversations.
Strategic Intelligence:
A Key Skill For Ensuring Future Success
October 19, 2017 with Dr. Graeme Codrington
Based on detailed research into macro-economic, political and social trends, this program will improve your understanding of the forces that are reshaping your industry's landscape and your personal world. We shall focus on five key disruptive forces that are going to change the way we live and work in the next decade. As an attendee you will also gain confidence in your ability to identify key areas of change in your own world and career, and be equipped to contribute to the strategic success of your team and your organization.
Dealing with Difficult People:
Bringing Out the Best in Others
November 16, 2017 with Dr. Richard Brinkman
Dr. Brinkman says, “Communication is like a phone number, you need all the correct digits and in the right order.” Dr. Rick will share his proven strategies to handle: Whining, Negativity, Attacks, Tantrums, Snipers, Know-it-Alls, Think-They- Know-it-Alls, as well as Yes, Maybe and Nothing people.  The examples and practical skills in this seminar will immediately transform behaviors that used to strain all relationships, both business and personal! It will even include special contexts like email communications, phone and meetings. 
Tools and Techniques for the Five Most Common Coaching Situations
December 14, 2017 with Mr. Bill Hawkins
Mr. Hawkins will provide tools, introduce techniques, and discuss strategies to help you take performance to the next level. In this workshop participants will examine the latest techniques in coaching designed to improve performance, change behavior, increase engagement, support development, and build teamwork....

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