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Influence to Impact:
Leveraging Interpersonal Power for Women Leaders
October 12, 2017 with Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Influence is a crucial competency that enables leaders to succeed in the global marketplace. This program is a highly interactive, leadership development workshop for women. In this course women come to understand the three levels of power involved in influencing, they discover their I2I (Influence to Impact) influence profile, they are taught the power of language and the role gender plays in organizational influence, they are taught to use dialogue as an influence tool, and are taught the secrets of leveraging the hidden power of the organization....
The Key to Effective Relationships and Performance
November 16, 2017 with Mr. Shay McConnon
The greatest source of inefficiency for most organizations lies in working relationships – conflict, mistrust and misunderstanding. Tolerating relationship dysfunction does not make good business sense. Collaboration is an essential ingredient for successful performance in the modern business environment. Good leaders create a collaborative environment where people choose to participate and commit, leading to engagement, innovation, performance, and organizational effectiveness. This session will provide a step by step process to nurture and develop collaboration within teams, departments and functions within your organization. Delegates...
The One Day MBA:
The Tools You Need for World-Class Performance
December 7, 2017 with Dr. Noah Barsky
All managers need a broad perspective to effectively deal with the complex challenges they face daily. To develop this skill, this one-day seminar presents many of the tools and techniques found in MBA programs today. Specifically, participants will examine how basic business processes drive financial results, learn how effective risk management can improve business planning and decision making, and explore how financial and non-financial measures can best be used to evaluate operating results.

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