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Contextual Intelligence: The Power of Using Hindsight, Insight and Foresight to Resolve Complexity & Ambiguity
with Dr. Matthew Kutz

Date: October 09, 2019
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Jefferson Country Club
7271 Jefferson Meadows Drive, Blacklick, OH 43004
Session Description
Navigating complexity and uncertainty is a crucial leadership literacy for business and organizational success. Traditional and business-as-usual models of organizational management are not only inadequate, but hazardous. Dr. Kutz is a thought leader in the area of contextual intelligence, a key component of leadership literacy that is required for a global mindset in a rapidly changing marketplace. Dr. Kutz combines cutting-edge research and real-life anecdotes to outline the 12 behavioral practices of contextually intelligence leaders and delineates how those behaviors contribute to effective use of the 3D Thinking Framework™ (using hindsight, insight, and foresight) to improve leadership and decision-making. Highlights of this workshop include deconstructing the mental models that poison our leadership potential and address how thinking differently improves morale, helps to navigate uncertainty, personal and employee engagement, and tears down walls between the generations at work.

Matt Kutz (Ph.D. in Global Leadership) loves being a husband and father and takes leadership development seriously. He a Fulbright Scholar in the Medical Sciences (University of Rwanda, East Africa) and a Visiting Research Scholar in the College of Medicine at Griffith University and Gold Coast University Hospital (Queensland, AU). Dr. Kutz holds a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and is an award-winning author, international scholar, and editor of two academic journals. Dr. Kutz's book on Contextual Intelligence was a Leadership Book Award honoree for Innovation and Cutting-Edge Perspective; in addition to that he has written multiple other books and textbooks on leadership and management. Matt is a certified and licensed Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has worked with elite athletes and Olympic committees around the world as well as Team USA (Track & Field). Dr. Kutz's passion is mobilize the leader in everyone and loves helping take leaders and teams to the next level of their leadership performance. He challenges all students to think differently about leadership and requires that you deeply evaluate the hidden assumptions about your leadership behaviors and beliefs.
Time Allocation - Topics

20% Contextual Intelligence Research

  • Where did contextual intelligence come from?
  • What are the major elements of the contextual intelligence model?
  • What differentiates the Contextual Intelligence Model™ from other models (e.g., emotional intelligence)?
  • How does CI enhance leadership – why is it important?

45% The Foundational Leadership Literacies for VUCA world.

  • What is complexity?
  • How does complexity differ from complication?
  • What is VUCA?
  • How can we take advantage of chaos?
  • How can I organize and remember my experiences?
  • Why do I compartmentalize memories?
  • How are my experiences helping (or hurting) me?
  • Breaking out of organizational silos?
  • How is tacit knowledge different from explicit knowledge?
  • What is a tacit moment and intuition?
  • Can intuition help me make better decisions?

25% 3D Thinking: Leveraging Time Orientation

  • What is hindsight and its relationship to synchronicity?
  • What are the 4 CI behaviors associated with hindsight?
  • What is insight and its relationship to tacit knowledge?
  • What is foresight and its relationship to complexity?

10% CI Actions Steps

  • What are the obstacles to contextual intelligence?
  • How can we overcome the obstacles?
  • What action steps can we implement to begin practicing contextual intelligence today?
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Senior Executive
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Primary -- Leadership Development
Leadership literacy, Decision-making, innovation, idea-generation, leadership behaviors, navigating change, leading in complex environments, Resiliency and adaptability, learning agility
Secondary -- Planning/Organizing
Critical thinking, Problem-solving, maximizing your experience, assessing leadership, critical reflection, evaluating team performance
Tertiary -- Executing/controlling/evaluating
Workplace effectiveness, Identifying leadership biases, leading and managing a multi-generational and diverse workforce

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