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Authentic Leadership: Build Trust, Communicate With Impact, and Inspire Others
with Dr. Todd Dewett

Date: June 06, 2019
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Pacific Energy Center San Francisco
851 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103
Session Description
This workshop addresses professional success from a practical perspective. Building on scholarship and real world experience, Dr. Dewett uses funny and emotional stories to discuss how to take your team and your career to the next level. Leadership is explored through aspects of communication, decision-making, motivation, managing change, and creating a culture of accountability. Dr. Dewett addresses your core personal and people-related challenges at work using the lens of authenticity. Following thought provoking discussion and activities, you will leave with several useful takeaways you can put to use immediately. Join Dr. Dewett for a memorable day of laughing and learning.

Dr. Dewett is one of the world’s most followed leadership personalities. He is an expert on authenticity, a best selling author at LinkedIn Learning and, a TEDx speaker, and an Inc. Magazine Top 100 leadership speaker. Todd is a former award-winning professor whose speaking clients include: ExxonMobil, General Electric, State Farm, and many more. He has been quoted widely, including the New York Times, BusinessWeek, TIME, and Forbes. After beginning his career with Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young he completed his PhD in Organizational Behavior at Texas A&M University. He has since delivered over 1000 professional speeches and created a body of work that has motivated millions of professionals around the world.
Time Allocation - Topics

10% Elevating your own performance

  • Seeking real feedback
  • Building authenticity
  • Rethinking emotional intelligence
  • Increasing self-reflection (activity)

25% Motivating and engaging the team

  • Crafting audacious goals
  • Building a culture of accountability
  • Making rewards meaningful
  • Breaking your status
  • Sharing your mistakes (activity)

20% Communicating with impact

  • Using the power of stories
  • Evaluating the channels
  • Nailing the presentation (activity)

25% Making wise decisions

  • Avoiding the common cognitive biases
  • Embracing a long-term perspective
  • Maintaining integrity (activity)
  • Building respect, not popularity

20% Creating positive change and improvement

  • Learning to love learning
  • Containing negative behavior
  • Protecting the devil’s advocate
  • Choosing a positive perspective
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