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How Innovative Thinking Leads to Extraordinary Outcomes
with Dr. Iris Firstenberg

Date: January 17, 2019
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
The Estate by Gene and Georgetti
9421 W Higgins Road, Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 653-3300
Session Description
Successful organizations operate on the edge of chaos and embrace risk, error, and ambiguity, while practicing strategies that reduce the need for doing, undoing, and redoing. You will learn key strategies and practical tools to give you the adaptive capacity to work creatively with change and uncertainty. We will discuss strategies for tapping the human potential for creative thinking, from the inception of ideas to their transformation into practical business strategies and innovations. Learn how effective leaders infuse all levels of the organization with the creative capacity to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Dr. Iris Firstenberg is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology, UCLA and Adjunct Associate Professor of Management at UCLA Anderson School of Management.  She teaches courses on problem solving, decision making, and innovative thinking in the psychology department and Anderson MBA programs.  Dr. Firstenberg also teaches seminars on creativity and innovation for a wide cross-section of Fortune 500 organizations, including companies in aerospace, software, healthcare, defense, telecommunications, energy, financial services, retail, and pharmaceuticals, as well as government agencies such as NASA.  She is co-author with Moshe Rubinstein of three books. Her newest book is Extraordinary Outcomes: Shaping an Otherwise Unpredictable Future (John Wiley & Sons, 2014).  Dr. Firstenberg is the recipient of the 2002 UCLA Department of Psychology Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2011 UCLA Extension Distinguished Teaching Award.
Time Allocation - Topics
25% Key leadership attributes for fostering creativity and innovation
  • Interactive, engaging class exercise to identify key leadership attributes for extraordinary outcomes
10% A new metaphor for innovation in the organization
  • Transforming the organization into a virtual organism
  • Developing shared purpose and meaning
15% Balancing chaos and order
  • Deliberate Chaos and Emergent Chaos
  • Thriving on chaos: a business strategy for innovation
15% Adaptive Planning
  • Traditional Planning and Adaptive Planning
  • How to create an organization that adapts to the future as it unfolds
25% Bringing the future to the present
  • Reduce uncertainty and increase value by learning to visit the future
  • Learn to think and plan backward to shorten cycle time and achieve goals with enhanced speed, quality, and value creation
10% Creative reframing for innovative business solutions
  • Common perceptual obstacles to innovation
  • The power of chaotic creative conversation
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Senior Executive
(Pres, Exec & Sr VP)
(VP & Gen'l Mgr)
Senior Managers
(Div & Reg. Mgrs)
Middle Managers
& Superintendents
Adaptability, Communication, Creativeness, Decisiveness
Problem Identification, Analysis, Evaluating Alternative Solutions, Determining Required Resources, Generate and Obtain Plan Support
Decision Making, Coordination, Use of Authority, Delegation

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