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Become a Persuasive Negotiator: Best Negotiating Practices
with Leslie Mulligan

Date: May 18, 2018
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Bellevue Club
11200 Southeast 6th, Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 455-1616
Session Description
This insightful and fun workshop environment creates a negotiating laboratory where participants learn the Best Negotiating Practices® for immediate application. In this highly engaging workshop, participants explore how to effectively respond to offers, turn your counterpart's no to a yes, overcome the two greatest obstacles to success, and manage concessions to create and capture value at the bargaining table.  With your own negotiation challenges addressed and equipped to use negotiation tools on the job, participants leave this workshop as more competent and confident negotiators.

Leslie Mulligan is a proven business leader and negotiation expert who has trained around the world with Fortune 500 companies, US federal government agencies, and universities with Watershed Associates’ Best Negotiating Practices® program. She is a much in-demand keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, having worked with clients such as AARP, Apple, Chevron, Emory University, FDA, GSA, Halliburton, KIND Snacks, Intel, NASA, Nike, Novo Nordisk, OMB-Executive Office of the President, Pew Charitable Trusts, Rockwell Collins, SAP, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, US Cellular, US Federal Courts, Volvo, Yale University, and Women in Technology, among others.

Leslie spent 15 years in Silicon Valley before joining Watershed, where she led sales and marketing teams, negotiating with customers and partners to accelerate growth. Leslie’s experience spans diverse roles: marketing, sales, business development, product management, and general management. Most recently, she was the Worldwide Director of Marketing for the Mobile team at the $4B Fortune 500 Company, NVIDIA Corporation. Prior to that, Leslie was VP/GM at Immersion Corporation, and held senior roles at Wind River, Quantum and Raychem Corporations, where she negotiated and crafted innovative business agreements.

Leslie served as an Officer in the USAF early in her career after graduating with a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame. She earned an M.B.A. from the University of West Florida and an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

Time Allocation - Topics
10% - Use Influence Tools
  • When to persuade and when to negotiate
  • Which negotiation strategy: Collaborate, compromise, compete or avoid?
  • A simple framework for collaborative negotiations

20% - 5 Critical Assessments before Making or Responding to Offers

45% - Create and Capture Value as You Negotiate

  • 3 most common mistakes made on opening offers
  • Effective responses to opening offers
  • Words that matter: increase your success in negotiations with these power words
  • Manage concessions: keys to strategy and creativity 
20% - Ensure Performance from Your Negotiated Agreement
  • Tips for a more persuasive negotiator
  • 3 things you must do at the end of all negotiations
  • Overcome the 2 biggest obstacles to negotiation success
5% - Your Negotiating Action Plan
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Senior Executive
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Senior Managers
(Div & Reg. Mgrs)
Middle Managers
& Superintendents
Adaptability, Creativeness, Communication, Empathy, Interpersonal Relations
Evaluating Alternative Solutions, Developing Specific Plans

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