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High Impact Inspirational Leadership
with Dr. Sean Hannah

Date: May 09, 2018
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Forest Hills Country Club
36 Forest Club Dr., Chesterfield, MO 63005
(636) 227-5030
Session Description
Effective leaders possess a broad set of leadership skills and competencies – the science of leadership – and they know when, where, and under what conditions to use each – the art of leadership. Dr. Hannah will combine cutting-edge research with lessons-learned from his three decades of personal leadership experience, spanning from a front line to a strategic leader, to advance attendees’ capabilities and development as inspirational leaders. This seminar will cover various forms of leader style, power and influence, and focus on the more effective forms of transformational, inspirational, and authentic leadership behaviors. Attendees will explore a full range model of flexible leader behaviors and increase their understanding of how to best tailor their leadership to achieve desired effects. To aid self-awareness and development, participants will take various leadership self-assessments and will begin to create a personalized leader development plan with a format provided. The assessments and leader development plan will be tied to the seminar content and filled out and discussed throughout the day.  

Professor Hannah holds an endowed chair in management at Wake Forest University School of Business. He is a retired US Army Colonel with vast practical experience leading complex organizations and developing leaders. He previously was the Director of Leadership and Management Programs at West Point – The United States Military Academy, and as the Director of the US Army’s center for the profession and character-based leader development.

Dr. Hannah holds a PhD in Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He sits on the editorial boards of numerous top academic journals such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, and has published a breadth of papers in the world’s premier management journals. As a practicing leader, he has served in command and staff positions in Infantry units in Europe, Cuba, Panama, Southwest Asia, and the United States. He served in combat with the lead unit of 3d Armored Division during Desert Storm, where his unit was awarded the Valorous Unit Award and he the Bronze Star. He has served from the lowest tactical levels to the highest strategic levels, having worked for two Chiefs of Staff of the Army and an Assistant Secretary; an engaged and effective educator and trainer, he synthesizes his research and practical leadership experience to engage students and leaders and enhance their learning. Beyond university teaching he has conducted over 300 executive education programs with major corporations and other U.S. and international organizations on leadership, leader development and character development.

Time Allocation - Topics

10% Leadership Self Assessments

  • Leader confidence and motivation-to-lead assessments
  • Leadership styles inventory assessment
  • Integrate assessment results to topics throughout the day
10% Leader Development Process
  • The challenge-assessment-support (CAS) system of leader development
  • Managing the development of self and others
  • Overview the personal leader development plan to be created throughout the day
15% Nexus of Leadership, Motivation, and Power and Influence
  • Dynamics between leadership styles and power
  • Relationships between leadership styles and leader credibility and influence
  • Modes of influence and follower motivation
40% Behaviors and Functions of Inspirational and Transformational Leaders
  • Creating a sense of purpose and drive for excellence
  • Leading with integrity and authenticity
  • Communicating to achieve alignment and shared vision
  • Building strong personal and team relationships
  • Inspiring creativity and engagement
  • Growing and developing others
  • Modelling the way
10% Art of Leadership: Adapting Leadership to the Situation
  • Leader self-awareness and perspective-taking
  • Recognizing what form of leadership is needed
  • Adapting leader style and approach to maximize effects
10% Taking Charge: Lessons for Assuming the Next Leadership Role
  • Leveraging the seminar’s content to assume the mantle in your next role
  • Best practices during leadership transitions
5% Launching the Personalized Leader Development Plan
  • Best-practices to continue to refine and execute the draft plan created in the seminar
  • Leveraging others to assist in the leader development journey
  • Keeping the development process on track
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Senior Executive
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Senior Managers
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Middle Managers
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Adaptability, Commitment, Communication, Creativeness, Developmental Perspective
Use of Authority, Delegation, Direction, Coordination
Problem Identification

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