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Taking Charge: Developing Your Self-Management Techniques
with Dr. Alan Zimmerman

Date: July 06, 2017
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Marriott Hotel County Hall
London County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd Lambeth, London SE1 7PB UK
+44 20 7928 5200
Session Description
Many managers feel the need for more control in their lives. They talk about things they want to do, but never get around to doing them. They talk about the importance of personal growth and professional development, but lack the commitment to actually grow. They talk about the importance of balancing work and family, but don't have a system for achieving it. This workshop introduces a unique self-management program that helps managers achieve greater success than ever before. Through the use of 21 specific, time-tested, research-validated strategies, managers learn how to overcome limiting attitudes, release their potential, and develop success-generating habits. They learn how to take initiative, exercise power, and perform at their peak each and every day.

Dr. Alan Zimmerman is Founder and President of the Zimmerman Communi-Care Network, Inc., an international consulting, coaching and speaking firm. In that position, Dr. Zimmerman has delivered more than 2,000 programs in 48 states and 22 countries. Dr. Zimmerman has a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Interpersonal Communication and Psychology. He has written several books and hundreds of articles on motivation, communication, change management, work-life balance, team relationships, customer enthusiasm, positive attitudes, workplace negativity, and conflict resolution. Dr. Zimmerman taught at Mankato State University, Emporia State University, and the University of Minnesota for 15 years. His clients include such major corporations and organizations as 3M, AAA, Abbott Laboratories, American Express, DHL, IBM, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Steel, Mayo Clinic, and Merck. He has been named "Outstanding Faculty Member" by two different universities and also been named "Distinguished Faculty Member" by IMS on two occasions. Awarded the Certified Speaking Professional Designation of Quality by the National Speakers Association, an award given to the top 5% of speakers. Most recently inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed on a small handful of people in the last 30 years, including Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Art Linkletter, Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale.
Time Allocation - Topics

5% Identifying the characteristics of take-charge champions.

10% Removing the blocks to greater professional success
  • Spotting and neutralizing negative talk in the workplace
  • Overcoming negative self-talk
40% Using the five building blocks of uncommon success
  • Building rock-solid self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Tapping the power of purpose
  • Achieving more goals than ever before
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Taking risks outside your comfort zone
25% Using Olympic psychology to get take-charge results
  • Understanding the way the mind works
  • Identifying mental barriers to greater results
  • Writing and using power-filled affirmations
  • Establishing triggers to ensure disciplined follow-through
20% Creating a healthy work-life balance
  • Clarifying stress factors and burnout potential
  • Shaping and enhancing the eight dimensions of life
  • Knowing and doing the most important things
Guide to Participant Selection
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Senior Executive
(Pres, Exec & Sr VP)
(VP & Gen'l Mgr)
Senior Managers
(Div & Reg. Mgrs)
Middle Managers
& Superintendents
Commitment, Communication, Initiative, Interpersonal Relations, Motivation, Stability, Use of Time
Problem Identification, Selecting and Organizing Information, Developing Specific Plans, Generate and Obtain Plan Support
Delegation, Direction, Meeting Schedules, Follow Up

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