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Collaboration: The Key to Effective Relationships and Performance
with Shay McConnon

Date: November 16, 2017
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Royal Scots Club
29-31 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh EH3 6QE
0131 556 4270
Session Description
The greatest source of inefficiency for most organizations lies in working relationships – conflict, mistrust and misunderstanding. Tolerating relationship dysfunction does not make good business sense. Collaboration is an essential ingredient for successful performance in the modern business environment. Good leaders create a collaborative environment where people choose to participate and commit, leading to engagement, innovation, performance, and organizational effectiveness. This session will provide a step by step process to nurture and develop collaboration within teams, departments and functions within your organization. Delegates will leave this highly interactive workshop with practical ideas and tools to address the issues relating to collaboration in their workplace. Shay McConnon draws on his 20+ years working in organizations on leadership and culture issues to show you how to improve relationship efficiency. He will give you the tools that will allow you to engage your staff and create even more collaborative relationships.

Shay McConnon is a psychologist, an author of 18 books and the CEO of McConnon International ( With 5 regional offices and over 50 consultants, McConnon International offers global delivery of some unique leadership and culture solutions that engage staff, promote ownership and create collaborative relationships.  He is the creator of An Even Better Place to Work ( an on-line, self-managed solution that prevents people problems and encourages the “What am I going to do” not the “What is management going to do” mindset. This tool is being used by Siemens, Emirates, Rolex, NHS, Environment Agency and other leading organisations with French, German, Dutch and Arabic translations. It was a finalist in the recent Employee Engagement Awards run by the Association of Business Psychologists. It has also been recognised by the prestigious #HRWINS list as a HR company to watch out for.  Because of his ground breaking work on Engagement, he has been asked to join the employee engagement guru group in the UK, led by David MacLeod.  Shay is a regular speaker at conferences, a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association and has recently been awarded top speaker by the Academy of Chief Executives and best new speaker by Vistage (the world’s largest organisation for chief executives). He is a member of the Magic Circle and he uses magic to illustrate his key messages in a fun and memorable way.
Time Allocation - Topics
10%Collaboration and the Bottom Line
• Cost of low collaboration
• Collaboration – the most efficient way to run a business?
20%The Collaborative Culture
• How engagement can lead to collaboration
• Developing the collaborative mindset and behaviors
• The secret of creating the collaborative response – connect with needs
20%The Collaborative Leadership Model
• Leadership as partnership
• Taking ownership for being ‘led’
10%Language of Collaboration
• Language that divides Language that connects
40%Creating the Collaborative Organization
• A series of short, easy to facilitate activities that will create collaborative working relationships in your business
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