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Straight Talk: Using Candor and Constructive Confrontation to get Better Results
with Dr. Rick Brandon

Date: June 14, 2018
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
350 King Street West TIFF Bell Lightbox, 6th Floor Toronto, Ontario M5V 3X5
Session Description
Candor and accountability form the basis of a productive working relationship, but many leaders mistake performance expectations for performance agreements, fail to "get real" about the victim mentality and blame games poisoning their organizations, and shy away from confronting people to hold them accountable for execution. This practical seminar develops skills for planning, leading, and following up on Candor Conversations about expectations and agreements. We tackle both the smoother, preventive discussions around clear upfront Agreements, as well as the most stressful of work discussions - Constructive Confrontations. We`ll provide antidotes for someone repeatedly breaking an agreement - instead of giving up, blowing up at the person, or burying the issue. Finally, we`ll explore two mindsets - Accountability versus Victimhood - along with how you can present this module to your back-home team to impact execution and ownership.

Dr. Rick Brandon delivers keynote speeches at corporate events, educates thousands annually in workshops, and appears in various industrial and educational videos. In early 1999, Dr. Brandon launched Brandon Partners, offering a unique service for corporate events, blending his passion for motivational speaking and performance programs with his talent for musical comedy. Now Brandon Partners’ most popular business services are smaller behavior change workshops in the content areas of ethical organizational politics and managerial motivation skills. Dr. Brandon earned his Ph.D. in Counseling and Management at the University of Arizona, his M.A. in Educational Psychology from St. Lawrence University, and his B.A. in Psychology from Case Western Reserve. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses for the University of Bridgeport, College of Saint Rose and the University of Arizona. Dr. Brandon has consulted, educated, and presented at companies worldwide. From start-up e-commerce businesses to blue chip companies, his clients include Citibank, The Prudential, Pfizer, Charles Schwab, Chase Manhattan Bank, The Gap, Kodak, Apple Computer and Walker Interactive Systems.
Time Allocation - Topics
10%Business drivers and rationale for increasing candor and accountability
  • Costs of bailing out (the Price of “Nice”) or bruising (the Price of “Nasty”)
  • Personal case for “living out loud” and authentically in work conversations
  • Tracing reasons people don’t deliver and solutions in today’s skill sets
25%Achieving clear, commitment-oriented performance with Agreement Discussions
  • A systematic map, model, and skills for forging actual agreements about roles and responsibilities, outputs, and mission-critical behavioral norms
  • Following up Candor-driven Agreements with Reminders and Recognition
10%Stating your needs when confronting for candor and accountability
  • Tracing the required history of any Candor-driven Confrontation • A clear, foolproof message format for confronting broken commitments
30%Confrontation skills for navigating through people’s predictable defensiveness
  • Understanding the true nature of defensiveness
  • How to defuse defensiveness and maintain conversational control and focus
  • Handling difficult reactions (e.g. silence, screaming, threats, mocking, or etc.)
10%Gaining true versus “soft” commitments
  • Recognizing slippery “tomato seed” offers to recommit
  • Maintaining a positive relationship while rejecting unacceptable solutions
15%Inviting a mindset of accountability and ownership
  • Understanding research-based results of accountability versus victimhood
  • Experiencing an attitude-shifting module you can share with your team
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