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Moving from Operational Management to Strategic Leadership
with Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn

Date: May 08, 2018
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Las Colinas Country Club
4400 North O`Connor Road, Irving, TX 75062
(972) 541-1141
Session Description
Today’s market landscape presents both promise and peril for leaders in established organizations. Socioeconomic trends, accelerating technologies, and profound shifts in purchase and consumption patterns are radically reshaping existing markets and creating new ones. Threats to a company’s core business have become commonplace as barriers to entry fall and competitive arenas become saturated with fast followers and brazen imitators. Organizations are waking up to these new market realities and find themselves in short supply of dynamic strategic leaders. They have legions of internally-focused “efficiency managers” to keep the organizational engine humming, but few leaders with the strategic capacity to capture emerging growth opportunities and guide the organization into the future. This seminar provides a practical framework for thinking and leading strategically in the new market landscape. Through expert content, carefully curated case examples, captivating leadership portraits, insightful strategic dialogue, and impactful development tools, Dr. Kuhn will lead participants through an engaging exploration of the fundamental shifts in mindset, language, and lens needed to break the shackles of short-termism and incrementalism and cross the chasm from operational management to strategic leadership.

Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn is a distinguished thinker, author, strategy advisor, educator, and speaker with expertise uniquely positioned at the intersection of strategy, innovation and growth, and organizational renewal and vitality-the work of strategic leadership. His research, teaching, and advisory work center on helping senior business leaders develop the capacity to think and lead strategically in dynamic market environments undergoing profound change. He holds a doctorate from Columbia University, and has served on the faculty of Columbia Business School, and as a guest lecturer at The Wharton School, and the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. His research and writings on strategic capacity and dynamic capabilities have garnered worldwide acclaim. He is a fellow at the Strategic Management Forum and the Royal Society of Arts. In 2017, Dr. Kuhn was inducted into Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches.

Time Allocation - Topics
10%         Defining Strategic Leadership
  • What is strategic leadership? How is strategic leadership different from operational management and other forms of leadership? 
  • Three domains of leadership 
  • The Holy Trinity: strategic thinking, strategic leadership, and strategic innovation in dynamic industries 
10%         Leading in the New Market Landscape
  • Defining features of the new market landscape 
  • The new market landscape requires new ways of thinking and leading 
30%         Thinking and Leading Strategically: The Essentials
  • Strategic vs. operational vs. tactical thinking 
  • Key dimensions of strategic thinking and strategic leadership 
20%         Managing Strategic Paradox and Tension: The Two-Curve Challenge
  • Why good companies go bad: sources of organizational decline 
  • The challenge of strategic innovation in established organizations; overcoming the gravitational pull of today to create the growth of tomorrow 
  • Leading organizational renewal 
  • Case discussion: financial health versus strategic health 
15%         Developing a Key Strategic Mindsets and Skillsets
  • Future gazing 
  • Perceptual acuity 
  • Framing strategic questions 
  • The importance of curiosity and imagination 
  • Overcoming strategic myopia 
10%         Becoming a Strategic Leader / Building the Strategic Muscle of My Team
  • Crossing the chasm from operational management to strategic leadership 
  • Overcoming personal and organizational barriers to strategic thinking 
  • Building the strategic muscle of my team 
  • Charting the course to become a strategic leader 

5%         Synthesis of Key Themes and Application
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