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Developing Your Strategic Intelligence: Your Future Depends on It
with Dr. Graeme Codrington

Date: January 16, 2018
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Marriott Hotel County Hall
London County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd Lambeth, London SE1 7PB UK
+44 20 7928 5200
Session Description
We live in turbulent times – that much is obvious. But it’s a lot more than just an economic downturn or political upheaval that’s causing it. We are living at a moment in history when all the forces of change are combining to produce an era-changing period. The political, corporate, social and personal rules for success and failure are all being rewritten. To survive and thrive in these uncertain times, it is essential to develop an understanding of the forces that are reshaping your industry’s landscape and your personal world. Based on detailed research into macro-economic, political and social trends, this program will help you do just that – by focusing on five key disruptive forces that are going to change the way we live and work in the next decade. You’ll also gain confidence in your own ability to identify key areas of change in your own world and career, and be equipped to contribute to the strategic success of your team and your organisation. In an uncertain and turbulent world, developing Strategic Intelligence will give you a clear advantage. The workshop has application for your organization, your department and your personal career development.

DR GRAEME CODRINGTON is an expert on the new world of work. He is a keynote presenter, author, futurist, facilitator and strategy consultant working across multiple industries and sectors. He blends cutting-edge research, thought leading insights with humor, a conversational style and multimedia-driven presentations to create unforgettable experiences that add real value. Speaking internationally to over 100,000 people in about 20 different countries every year, he has shared the platform with the likes of Edward de Bono, Kofi Annan, Sir Ken Robinson, Michael Porter, Markus Buckingham and Neil Armstrong. He has won numerous awards for his speaking and facilitation, including “Speaker of the Year” by the Academy for Chief Executives and the Professional Speaking Association Award of Excellence in 2013. Graeme is the co-founder and a international partner of TomorrowToday, a global firm of futurists and business strategists. He is also a guest lecturer at four top business schools, including the London Business School and Duke, NC. He is a professional member of a number of associations, including the World Future Society, The Institute of Directors, the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry, the Global Federation of Professional Speakers and MENSA. He has a Doctorate in Business Administration, a Masters in Sociology, an Honours in Youth Work and two undergraduate degrees – in Arts (Theology/Philosophy) and Commerce. He has four best-selling books published by Penguin, including the award winning, “Mind the Gap” and “Future-Proof Your Child”. He is currently writing a book on “Strategic Leadership Intelligence“.
Time Allocation - Topics

10% Overview - of the current economic environment, and the key forces of change that will shape the next decade. This provides the context, and is presented as a multimedia-driven and humour filled session.

20% Technology - from biomedical advances to space tourism, technology will continue to dominate our lives. But our organisations will be impacted at every level especially by the deluge of data we’re facing and a new generation of digital native employees who are very comfortable in a technology dominated new world of work. We look at why this happening, and what we should be doing to respond.

10% Institutional Change - There is a “new normal” emerging as the rules for success in almost every industry are changing. We'll consider both external factors, such as changing legislation and regulations, as well as focus attention on internal factors including the orthodoxies and unwritten rules that govern our industries, companies and functions.

15% Demographics – ageing populations, plummeting fertility, global migration and the “next 2 billion consumers” are just a few of the demographic shifts that are fundamentally changing the world, our employees and our customers.

10% Environment – sustainability is now, more than ever, a business imperative, and should be developed as a business critical strategy. We’ll also look at some game changing environmental issues, such as fracking, China going green and biomimicry. This is not another session on green issues, but rather further insights into a changing world.

10% Societal values – what we expect, what we value and how we live are all changing, as we change our views on issues as diverse as globalisation, the role of women, homosexuality, the shape of the “normal” family, work-life balance, how we want to be remunerated, what work environment we want, how we will work virtually, and how companies can motivate us. There is some surprising science behind these monumental shifts in societal values, and some significant implications for companies developing their strategies and competitive positioning.

10% Applications to your organisation and function. Using well researched insights into the near future and case studies from industries similar to yours, packaged together with key trends, relevant and interesting facts and multi-media clips, this session will help you to apply the future trends to your world. There will be lots of opportunity for discussion and questions.

15% Thinking strategically and tracking future trends is a vital skill for every person at every level of your organisation. We will end the day by providing a simple, but effective, framework for taking this back to your office. You’ll be equipped to track trends, empower your team to face the future, and be confident in your ability to think and act strategically.

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