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Becoming a Great Listener: A Critical Skill for Managers and Executives
with Dr. Kittie Watson

Date: February 27, 2018
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza
2712 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77098
Session Description
This program will focus on one of the most critical skills for managers and executives, listening. While the most admired managers are good listeners, others take short cuts when it comes to listening -- fake attention, make assumptions, rehearse responses, fade in and out of conversations, and fail to retain pertinent information. Effective leaders understand the power of listening strategically to build key relationships and influence others. In this workshop, diagnose your own listening skills and practical listening techniques for becoming an authentic leader. Participants learn the secret to better listening, how to reduce the costs of poor listening, use inquiry to your advantage, gain attention and when NOT to listen.

Dr. Kittie W. Watson, President and founder of Innolect Inc., is an organizational communication expert and specialist in strategic issues management, leadership transformation, and change implementation, she is highly skilled at designing and cascading innovative systems-wide initiatives. Kittie works with the top leaders of Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations such as:  Bayer, Cricket, AbitibiBowater, Carolinas Healthcare, Bank of America, American Red Cross, Entergy, Compass Group, Chevron, Pfizer, SonyBMG, Southern Company, Sonoco, Siemens and Zoetis. Listed as one of the top twenty-five most prolific women writers in communication, Kittie is an internationally recognized Listening Expert. Former Chair of Communication at Tulane University, Kittie received numerous awards for her research and teaching. Inducted to the International Listening Association’s Hall of Fame. With over 15 books, "Listen Up!" was published in seven languages (St. Martin’s Press). She was featured on ABC’s 20/20 as a listening expert and in popular publications including: American Medical News, Bottom-line Personal, Money, Glamour, and Home Office Computing. Her most recent article, "We are Learning: Are You Listening?" was published in the Chief Learning Officer magazine earlier this year. Kittie serves as an expert witness and is regularly interviewed by the media.
Time Allocation - Topics

20% Strategic Listening

  • Irritating Listening Habits
  • When listening is important
  • Costs of breakdowns and misunderstandings
  • Dangerous Listening Assumptions
  • PIER Listening Model

25% Discovery: Listening Diagnostics and Awareness

  • Can you “will” yourself to listen?
  • How effective are your Listening Comprehension skills?
  • Watson-Barker Listening Test
  • What are your Listening Habits and Preferences
  • Listener Preference Profile

25% Development: Individual Improvement Strategies

  • Open-Check-Close Continuum
  • To Empathize or not

20% Design: Organizational Strategies and Applications

  • Listening Leader Best Practices
  • Culture, Gender and Generational
  • Getting Others to Listen
  • Identifying and Adapting to Listener Other’s Preferences
  • Presentations (face to face and virtual)
  • Listening to Others
  • Employee Engagement and Innovation
  • Team Listening and Coaching

10% Building Your Personal Listening Playbook

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Senior Managers
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Middle Managers
& Superintendents
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Decision Making, Use of Authority, Discipline, Follow Up
Executing/Controlling/Evaluating, Direction

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