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Ingenious Leadership: Fostering a Climate of Innovation
with Mitch Ditkoff

Date: December 05, 2017
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
The Fairlane Club
5000 Fairlane Woods Dr., Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 336-4400
Session Description
Innovation is “in” these days. The word is on the lips of every CEO, CFO, CIO, and anyone else with a three-letter acronym after their name. As a result, many organizations are launching all kinds of "innovation initiatives" -- hoping to stir the creative soup and differentiate themselves from the competition. This is commendable. But it is also, all too often, disappointing. Why? Because too much attention is being paid to process and too little attention is being paid to people and the art of fostering the kind of organizational culture that is the wellspring of innovation. Participants, in this seminar, will have an engaging, hands on opportunity to think deeply about change, creativity, commitment and what they can do, in the next 90 days, to jump start a sustainable culture of innovation within their respective spheres of influence.

Mr. Mitch Ditkoff is the co-founder and President of Idea Champions, a highly acclaimed management consulting and training company, headquartered in Woodstock, NY. He specializes in helping forward thinking organizations go beyond business as usual, originate breakthrough products and services, and establish dynamic, sustainable cultures of innovation. Educated at Lafayette College and Brown University, Mr. Ditkoff has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies. He has been an adjunct faculty member for several esteemed leadership development programs, including GE`s Crotonville Management Development Center, Duke Corporate Education, Fuqua School of Business, University of New Mexico`s Anderson School of Management, and Bell Atlantic`s Marketing Institute.

In addition to his consulting work, Mr. Ditkoff is also an accomplished keynote speaker and large group workshop facilitator. In 2010, he was acknowledged as one of the "40 Hottest Business Speakers on the Association Circuit" in Association Meetings magazine. In 2010, he was voted as the #1 innovation blogger in the world. His widely read blog, The Heart of Innovation, is a daily destination for a global audience of movers and shakers. Additionally, he is the author of the award-winning book, Awake at the Wheel: Getting Your Great Idea Rolling (in an uphill world) and the innovation-sparking card deck and online app, Free the Genie.


Time Allocation - Topics
5% Why Innovation Matters 
  • Defining our terms  
  • Finding your innovation mojo
5% Organizational Culture
  • What it is and what it isn’t
  • Can it be changed? If it can be changed, how do you change it? 
10% The Obstacles to Innovation 
  • External (organizational)
  • Internal (individual) 
15% Experiential Challenge #1: Going Beyond Limiting Assumptions 
  • How to see your blind spots
  • Turning lead into gold 
25% 12 Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Innovation
  • How organizational innovation is like growing a garden 
  • Best innovation practices of forward thinking organizations 
  • Brainstorming and cross-fertilization of ideas 
10% Neutralizing Naysaying and Idea Killer Behavior 
  • The only technique you’ll ever need 
10% The Idiot Savant’s Guide to Sparking Creativity in Others 
  • Ten ways to spark insight, ahas, and bold new ideas 
10% Experiential Challenge #2: 
  • Identifying your linchpin for sustaining innovation 
10% Innovation Action Plans 
  • A 90 day plan for jumpstarting a culture of innovation

Guide to Participant Selection
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3 indicates (in the opinion of the institute and the faculty) very limited applicability.
Senior Executive
(Pres, Exec & Sr VP)
(VP & Gen'l Mgr)
Senior Managers
(Div & Reg. Mgrs)
Middle Managers
& Superintendents
Adaptability, Commitment, Communication, Creativeness, Developmental Perspective, Initiative, Interpersonal Relations
Developing Specific Plans, Determining Required Resources, Generate and Obtain Plan Support
Delegation, Direction, Coordination, Guidance, Follow-Up

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