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Unlocking Your Brainpower for Successful Leadership
with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

Date: September 19, 2017
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Renaissance Denver Hotel
3801 Quebec Street, Denver, CO 80207
(303) 336-5337
Session Description
This engaging and highly interactive session will reveal the four secrets of effective leadership and how you can build the agile thinking skills necessary to meet the mental demands of today’s constantly shifting business environment. By exploring your thinking styles and their impact on communication, innovation and decision making, you’ll learn how to become a more successful leader, collaborator and problem solver in your daily responsibilities while also developing the strategic mindset you need to plan the future. As part of this program, you will receive a personalized Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) profile and easy-to-apply tools that will help you understand what you can do to become a better leader by increasing your thinking agility, how to deal with thinking that differs from yours, and how to harness the full cognitive resources available to get the best results. You’ll leave with an action plan designed to build your leadership effectiveness, credibility and influence.

Ms. Ann Herrmann-Nehdi is a thought leader and frequent keynote speaker about thinking and learning in today's changing environment. Her organization, Herrmann International publishes the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument ® (HBDI®) based on over 30 years of research on thinking and the brain. Ann is on the board of the Instructional Systems Association, an advisor to the American Creativity Association, and has served 9 out of 10 Fortune 100 companies including Bank of America, Boeing, Cisco, Coca Cola, General Electric, Hallmark, IBM, MTV, Novartis, the NSA and The Wharton School as well as a wide array of organizations around the globe. Ms. Herrmann-Nehdi is currently working on a book titled Getting to People Head First and continuing her research on learning at the "speed of business.” Her work has been featured in Business Week, USA Today, Oprah, Discover, Scientific American and the Harvard Business Review.
Time Allocation - Topics

30% How your thinking drives your leadership performance 

  • How you think and what you think: A framework for unleashing your leadership potential as an existing or emerging leader
  • Whole Brain® Thinking: How thinking dexterity will help you manage more effectively today and enable you to contribute at a more strategic level.
  • The four secrets of the thinking leader: Through exploration of your own HBDI® Personal Profile, understand how your thinking profile helps you as a leader and where it may be getting in the way

 20% Leading through Communication: What separates effective leaders from the rest

  • How your brain communicates and listens • How to influence more people more of the time
  • Steps to persuade and gain buy in from those who think differently than you do

10% Creating to Innovate: What it takes to outthink the competition as a 21st century leader 

  • Reaching breakthrough new ideas and solving problems faster and more efficiently by developing thinking dexterity—your own and in teams

20% Seeing around corners: Building the thinking agility needed for the future 

  • How to think more strategically for better results in a changing world
  • How to lead others more effectively through flexible thinking
  • Tools to diagnose and tackle important strategic issues with fresh perspective

 5% Humor 

15% Leadership tool kit and action plan: Making it real

  • Practice applying the 'Walk Around Planning Tool' with your most critical challenges
  • Return to work with specific ideas and action steps you can take immediately to improve your results, credibility and influence as a leader
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