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Keeping People Motivated and Engaged in an Age of Instability
with Dr. Robert Bies

Date: August 15, 2017
Session Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location Information:
Springfield Country Club
400 West Sproul Rd., Springfield, PA 19064
(610) 690-7600
Session Description
This program will focus on the key leadership skills necessary for you and your team to survive--and, yes, even thrive--in this age of instability; it will show you how to re-kindle hope and trust. Specifically, this session focuses on strategies and techniques for communicating more effectively in times of change, including better ways to deliver bad news and ways to keep team performance strong in the face of adversity. We will identify motivational techniques that can sustain and energize your people--and yourself--in the most difficult of times. We will focus on how to build "buy-in" and ownership by people for the changes necessary to get through tough times. Finally, we will focus on strategies for taking control of change in the future, keeping your team upbeat, and maximizing performance when the "going" seems to be the toughest.

Robert J. Bies (Ph.D., Stanford University) is Professor of Management and Founder of the Executive Master’s in Leadership Program at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. In addition, he is co-author of the book, Getting Even: The Truth About Workplace Revenge—And How to Stop It, which is published by Jossey-Bass.

Professor Bies has received the Best Teacher award at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. At Georgetown, he has twice received the Joseph Le Moine Award for Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Excellence at the McDonough School of Business; he received the Outstanding Professor of the International Executive MBA Program (IEMBA-2) at the McDonough School of Business; he received the Outstanding Professor of the Executive Master’s in Leadership Program (2008) at the McDonough School of Business; he received the Academic Council Professor of the Year Student Choice Award (2011) at the McDonough School of Business; he was voted MBA Professor of the Year by MBA students at the McDonough School of Business, Spring 2011; and he was voted Outstanding Professor of the Global Executive MBA Program (2012) at the McDonough School of Business.

Professor Bies’ current research focuses on leadership, the delivery of bad news, organizational justice, and revenge and forgiveness in the workplace.

Time Allocation - Topics
15% Thriving, not Just Surviving, in the Age of Instability
  • Confronting the Myths and Reality of Change
  • Why Some People Thrive in the Age of Instability and Other’s Don’t
35% Communicating More Effectively In Times of Change
  • When Things Go Bad: Getting into the Hearts and Minds of Your Team
  • Better Ways to Deliver Bad News: A Three-Stage Model
  • When the Bad News Gets Personal: Managing Stressful Conversations
35% Keeping the Team Strong—and Together—In the Most Difficult of Times
  • From Bad to Bleak: Rekindling Hope and Trust in the Darkest of Times
  • Keeping Hope Alive: Sustaining and Energizing Your Team
  • From Hope to Progress: Getting People to Take Ownership of the Change
  • From Progress to Success: Small Wins and Hard Fought Victories
15% Becoming the Change We Want to See
  • Successful Leaders: Winning Habits of Those Who Thrive in Times of Change
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