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Chris Daffy

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    Chris Daffy
  • MR. CHRIS DAFFY is one of the UK's best-known customer service fanatics. Following a career as an engineer, salesman, marketer, business manager and serial entrepreneur, he has spent the last 12 years focussing on helping organisations understand how to use the latest marketing and customer service techniques to create business growth, customer loyalty and competitive advantage. He is a founding partner of The Marketing Group, Managing Director of the Academy of Service Excellence and has served as a non-executive director on the boards of various UK companies. He has also worked with Manchester Business School on a variety of senior management programmes and has helped to organise and run UK and American Study Tours of Service Excellence. His book, Once a Customer - Always a Customer was first published in October 1996. There have since been four more print runs including one in India and the latest one which was launched in America in 2001. His book is now one of the UK's top selling books on the subject of customer service strategy and is used as a program manual and reference book by many of his customers. He has also produced 2 video programmes that are now used to boost service levels in over 1000 organisations by improving the knowledge, skills and motivation of employees. Mr. Daffy has a reputation for providing practical, easy to understand ideas and advice based on experience, research and common sense. His presentations are entertaining, energetic, humorous, inspirational and packed with simple concepts that are of immediate value to all people in any type of business.

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