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Dr. Bowen White, M.D.

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    Dr. Bowen White, M.D.
  • Bowen White, M.D. combines the talents and expertise of a physician, speaker, consultant, and author. He travels throughout the United States, Europe, Canada and Asia conducting seminars, consulting to businesses, and speaking to public and private organizations. As an organizational physician, Dr. White has developed programs in the areas of Team Building, Leadership, Healthy Work Environments, Performance Enhancement, Managing Change, Sales, Ethics, and Communications. His programs emphasize the need for individuals to take responsibility for their own health and well being and help organizations create productive and healthy workplaces. Dr. White founded the Department of Preventive & Stress Medicine for Baptist Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri, one of the first such departments in the United States, and served as Medical Director of that department and the Department of Wellness and Health Promotion before leaving to pursue a private practice and career as a consultant and speaker. He served as Corporate Medical Consultant to Hazelden to help develop their chronic illness initiative. Dr. White`s programs, seminars, keynote speeches, management retreats, executive mentoring and spouse programs have had an immediate, practical application for such organizations as: Sun Microsystems, Duke University Medical Center, Mobil, Sprint, The Foreign Service Institute, Kansas City Royals Baseball, Hallmark Cards, Solomon Brothers, New York Life Insurance, American Express and Georgetown University Law School, as well as many others. Dr. White has four daughters, and contributes his time and expertise to The Geshundeit! Institute, a free hospital in West Virginia which was inspired by and developed with visionary Patch Adams, M.D. Dr. White has recently completed writing his latest book entitled, Why Normal Isn`t Healthy.

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    How to Improve Work Performance AND Live a Whole, Healthy Life
    with Dr. Bowen White, M.D.
        Doing what comes naturally-what millions of years of evolution have programmed us to do--may be perfectly normal, but it's not necessarily healthy. Where, in the headlong "progress" of the human race, do you really fit in? Take a minute to find out, and find yourself, in this workshop devoted to the...