Faculty Bio

Dr. Michael Brenner

  • Name:
    Dr. Michael Brenner
  • Dr. Michael Brenner, president of Right Chord Leadership LLC, is an international leadership consultant, executive coach, keynote speaker, author, and professional musician. He has taught courses at Immaculata University, Temple University, and La Salle University in organizational behavior, negotiations, systems dynamics, interpersonal communication, and the sociology of work. Dr. Brenner earned a doctorate in adult learning and leadership from Columbia University and a masters degree in adult and organizational development from Temple University. He has worked with a variety of well-known organizations including SAP, QVC, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Godiva, Boeing, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and Sri Lankan manufacturer Maliban. He is Past President of the Greater Philadelphia chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and has been a featured speaker at many industry events and conferences. Dr. Brenner has published several articles and is currently writing a book on high performance teams. An accomplished saxophone player, Dr. Brenner has performed on stages around the world and frequently utilizes music and improvisation in his workshops to demonstrate principles of leadership and teamwork.

  • Upcoming Seminars:
    Nobody Wins the Blame Game:
    Building an Accountable Workplace
    with Dr. Michael Brenner
        The benefits of an accountable workplace are well-known: less turnover, greater trust, and increased engagement. Balls don’t get dropped, promises don’t slip through the cracks, and people expend time and energy finding solutions, not placing blame. Why then are so many organizations facing an...
    Creative Leadership:
    How to Innovate in a Complex World
    with Dr. Michael Brenner
        Today’s complex problems call for Creative Leadership – the ability and willingness to look at problems from new angles, explore unfamiliar paths, and accept ambiguity and unpredictability rather than resist them.  In this session, you will immerse yourself in 4 distinct but interrelated...